11 stocking fillers for the home


11 Stocking Fillers for the Home

Stocking fillers don’t need to live up to their name. They can be so much more than just filler. With a canny eye and nose for a good deal you can fill the stocking of your loved one with some useful, fun and truly stunning gifts.

We’ve gone for a mixture of his and her gifts, and in keeping with the spirit of Christmas quite a few will help you consume a unit of booze or two. But beyond that these should be genuinely useful household items for new and long-term homeowners alike.


The age of timetabled television is ending, as more and more people watch television on demand. But you don’t need a top of the range Smart TV to enjoy television at a time that suits you. Rather fork out £20 and watch the TV you want to watch when you want to watch it. The little dongle is compatible with TVs that have a HDMI port and can play from a phone, tablet or computer. It works with popular streaming services such as iPlayer, Channel 4, Netflix, YouTube, BT Sport and many more. Buy it here.

Diamond Shaped Whiskey Glasses 

This pair of glasses sit elegantly at a jaunty angle. These diamond shaped glasses will keep your choice of tipple at an angle, ideal for swilling the liquor around the glass before taking a sip. The gift comes with two glasses in a stylish black box, meaning you can enjoy them with your drinking partner of choice. Buy it here.

Scratch map

This is the ideal gift for the intrepid explorer. This poster can sit on your wall and allows you to scratch off a layer, revealing a different colour underneath. This lets you visualise the countries of the world you have visited and can inspire you to visit ever more interesting parts of the world. Buy it here.

Click N Cook

The Click N Cook Utensil set offers five differently shaped spatula heads, a utensil handle and a storage caddy. This can sit neatly next to your cooker and you can connect the head to whichever utensil it is you wish to use at that time. This is fairly small and will save space in a smaller kitchen or one with limited utensil drawer space. Buy it here.

Cook Like a Man

This is one for the man in your life. By buying it you will be doing your bit for men’s health; the book is a collection of recipes, curated by Movember. The recipes promise to be man-friendly – idiot proof – delicious and hearty. Everything the man in your life could want. The book also comes with practical advice on how to act in a way a true modern gent should. Buy it here.

Italian Cheese Making Kit

The world owes a debt of gratitude to Italy for what it has given the world, head and shoulders above all else is their rich culinary heritage. And sitting in such exalted company as pizza, pasta, beautifully full tomatoes, red wine, white wine and rosé is of course incredible cheese. This all in one kit will allow you to make 10 batches of your favourite soft Italian cheeses, namely mozzarella, mascarpone and ricotta with absolutely no expertise required. Buy it here.

Whiskey Stones

Any true whiskey connoisseur will tell you that the best whiskeys should under no circumstances be ordered “on the rocks”. “On the stones”, however, is a different matter. These stones are to be kept in the freezer, when the imbiber wold like a glass of their prize whiskey to be chilled they can pick out a stone and drop it into their drink. This way they will have ice cold and, most importantly, undiluted whiskey. These stones are odourless, tasteless and non-porous. They can also be used to retain heat in tea or coffee, just stick them in the microwave and drop into your drink for a hot drink that stays that way. Buy it here.

Citrus Juicer

The modern home cook does not have time to roll a citrus fruit under their palm, halve it and squeeze out the juice over those unwieldy juicers. Luckily the modern chef needn’t worry, there is a solution at hand. The instant lemon juicer will give you fresh lemon juice in three simple steps. Simply chop off the top, stick in the juicing contraption and spray away. Saves the mess, the sticky hands and can be used over time, all for £1.10. Buy it here.

BBQ Branding Iron

The BBQ branding iron is an ideal gift for the man in your life. What man doesn’t love to stand by the BBQ cooking various forms of meat? The only problem being the chef tends to get last dibs on the food. With this handy branding iron, you can write all manner of words in the space, heat it up in the hot coals and burn your name or whatever message you choose onto the piece of meat. Buy it here.

Ice Shot Glass Moulds

These are a great way to get any Christmas party rolling. You will get a mould, into which you can pour water, then simply freeze. The malleable mould makes it easy for you to get the four icy shot glasses out. Pour in your favourite spirit and down the hatch. Buy it here.

Wood Chopping Board with measurements

Nothing is more annoying than following a recipe and in the heat of the kitchen being asked to add two cups of stock. How much is a cup? Why does it only seem to be an American measure? Luckily this chopping board offers a range of measurement conversions. FL oz. to pints to cups to millilitres. It also offers temperature conversions and dry measure conversions. At 30cm x 25.5cm (or 12” x 10”), this is also an extremely convenient chopping board for the home. Buy it here.

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