2016’s 8 £30 or less gadgets


2016’s 8 £30 or Less Gadgets

Time is a precious commodity in this day and age. And it’s one in which we all seem to be lacking. Our online feeds seem to be filled with shortcuts on becoming better looking, fitter and an all-round better person in a shorter time than can be realistically expected.

Google Trends, an online tool which tracks the usage of words or phrases online shows a massive increase in the use of the term ‘life hacks’. We’re all searching for new, better ways to do things, and hopefully save a few minutes in the meantime. Now while this post isn’t exactly a life hack post it is going to look at some of the best kitchen gadgets to make you more efficient in the kitchen and save time.

Nutri Ninja Professional Stackable Chopper, £30

The Ninja chopper makes light work of chopping up vegetables such as onions, tomatoes and garlic. This compact chopper comes with two sealable containers that can be used to chop and refrigerate items such as salsa or pesto. It stores perfectly in a tight-for-space kitchen, and for £30 you really can’t complain.”                                                                       

Chef’n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker, £19.99

This ice cream maker certainly wins the award for catchiest name. The problem with homemade ice cream is it takes an absolute lifetime to make, and when you want ice cream, you want it now. Luckily for you this little implement sits in your freezer waiting for that moment. Making ice cream is as simple as getting it out the freezer, pouring in your ingredients and mixing it up. You’ll have ice cream in no time. Well worth the £20 price tag.

OXO Good Grips Handheld Spiralizer, £11.99

Because what modern kitchen would be complete without a spiralizer? This is the on trend kitchen gadget of the moment. They come in all shapes and sizes but the more compact the better. This OXO Spiralizer can slip neatly into your drawer, and using a screw system can elegantly create courgetti.

Sagaform Pizza Scissors with Server, £11.56

The question you may be thinking is; I have a pizza cutting wheel already, do I really need to re-invent the wheel? In this instance the answer is a resounding yes. The pizza scissors with serving scoop slice seamlessly through your pizza with what is basically a pair of scissors, with a flat bottom that keeps the whole thing in place and makes the perfect serving implement. Is this an essential gadget? By no means. Will it make your life easier? Without a doubt.                                                               

Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin, £22

Sometimes the simplest innovations are the ones that really stick. And this rolling pin by Joseph Joseph is one of those. Take the guesswork out of rolling out dough or pastry. This rolling pin offers precision with rings that slot onto either side of the pin and give you an exact measurement of the thickness of your pastry, be that 10mm, 2mm and more.

Butter Mill, £4.99

It’s an ancient conundrum, this one. So you want your butter soft, but leaving it on the side means it gets too soft and rancid too quickly. Leave that same butter in the fridge and it’s rock hard and spreading it over bread or toast will shred your slice. No longer. The Butter Mill, takes a block of butter and grates it to a soft and aerated consistency that is perfect for all your spreading needs.

AccuSharp Knife Sharpener, £8.95

The joy of the AccuSharp sharpener is that it makes the process of sharpening a knife quicker and safer. The sharpening steel rod of yesteryear takes a lot of strokes along it to get a keen edge on your knife. And with every stroke the blade is getting sharper, increasing the likelihood of nicking yourself. That’s not forgetting it’s not the easiest thing to get right, a slightly wrong angle will take the shine off your blade. With this tool a few, very measured swipes through its sharpening groove make the knives as sharp as those found in a professional kitchen.

Joseph Joseph Nest 7 Plus, £26

This isn’t the first Joseph Joseph product in our list and that’s with good reasoning. They epitomise design and style. The Nest 7 Plus is an easily stored collection of mixing bowls and measuring cups. Each item sits neatly within the next item. This means it can fit neatly and compactly into most storage spaces. The colourful design will bring light to any kitchen.

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