5 Kitchen Colour Ideas

Colours can have a big impact on a kitchen’s look and feel, but it can be difficult to figure out which colours will work well in your space and best express your personality. Whether you’re giving your kitchen a fresh coat of paint or planning a new kitchen, these kitchen colour ideas will inspire your design.


1. Mustard Yellow

This kitchen from our Stratford range uses mustard yellow to add a burst of energy to the space. The yellow is used on a feature wall of sleek handleless cabinets to inject a burst of colour and lift the darker grey scheme. Yellow can be a bold choice, but this design does not opt for a bright sunny shade that could overwhelm the space, and instead goes with a muted mustard for a higher-end, luxurious feel.


2. Pink Blush

This kitchen from our Wickham range uses pink blush with grey to give this country kitchen a fresh update. The dusty pink wall works as the perfect pink backdrop, adding warmth and character to make the space feel calming and inviting. The soft pink has a grey undertone so it pairs well with the warm grey cabinets, the two colours coming together to create a modern take on the traditional cottage style kitchen.


3. Indigo Blue

Go dark and dramatic in your kitchen, like this design from our Roma range. This kitchen uses a dark shade of indigo blue to create a moody and luxurious feel. The deep, rich tones create an intimate and cosy atmosphere, whilst the darker colour is teamed with a lighter, cooler shade of grey for the worktop to add brightness and contrast. The result is a modern, contemporary kitchen filled with chic sophistication.


4. Light Grey

Grey is a classic and timeless colour that will always work well in the kitchen. This kitchen from our Newark range uses a soft, neutral shade of light grey to make the kitchen feel light and bright. It uses the same cool and calming colour for both upper and lower cabinets but breaks up the grey with a white tile splashback, light herringbone floor, and natural wood countertops. The result is a stylish and modern space with a warm and welcoming feel.


5. Evening Claret

This kitchen from our Dorchester range uses colour to make a statement and add personality. The design uses a deep hue of evening claret to add a pop of red on the shaker-style island which adds character and contrasts the grey cabinets. This makes the island stand out and transforms it into a focal point, whilst the cool grey cabinets act as a neutral backdrop to ground and soften the red.


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Whether it’s mustard yellow, pink blush, indigo blue, light grey, or evening claret, use these kitchen colour ideas to inspire your design. For further advice on kitchen colours or any aspect of designing your kitchen, get in touch today for your free consultation, and our design experts can help bring your ideas to life.


Popular colours for kitchens in 2022 include classic whites, warm greys and neutrals, pastels such as sage green and blush pink, bright and bold splashes such as yellow, orange, and red, and deep and dark shades such as navy, plum, and forest green.
A neutral colour is generally a good colour for a kitchen. Neutral tones such as white, beige, and grey create a warm and welcoming space. These shades then provide a good blank canvas on which to add character and personality with splashes of colour such as blues, yellows, and greens.
To choose a paint colour for your kitchen, think about the style, for example, a country style favours matt paints and pastel hues in contrast to modern styles which use gloss paint and white tints. Natural light also plays a part, as north-facing rooms should avoid cool tones, whereas south-facing kitchens are versatile to all colours. Size is also a factor, as small kitchens should go for light colours to make the space feel bigger, whereas large kitchens can use dark shades for a warmer feel.