5 Kitchen Island Ideas

An island is a popular and versatile design choice in kitchens. The layout comprises a free-standing counter unit in the centre of the room separated from the walls of the kitchen. The island can provide additional work surface and storage space for cooking, eating, socialising and dining. Whether you’re planning a redesign or thinking about adding an island to your kitchen, we’ve put together 5 stunning kitchen island ideas to inspire your design.


1. Small but Spacious

Your kitchen island doesn’t need to be enormous to make an impact. This Boston kitchen incorporates a compact yet functional island to maximise the space. This island is narrow with curved edges, and with seating for meals, extra surfaces for cooking, and additional cabinets, the island includes everything you need without feeling cramped.

The island uses the same finishes to integrate it with the rest of the kitchen scheme, matching the light grey shaker style units and white worktops to give the kitchen a bright and spacious feel. The design uses plinth lighting at the base of the island to make the island appear larger and light up a pathway around the kitchen.


2. Sleek and Seamless

Add character to your kitchen by choosing a stand-out material for your island such as granite or quartz. Then, make a statement by extending the countertop material down the sides of the island, as demonstrated in this design. This gives a seamless look with clean, straight lines. Leave one side open to ensure there is ample space for seating, storage, and cooking.

This kitchen from our Roma range uses feature materials to add dimension and interest, incorporating a textured concrete floor to create a modern and stylish design. The kitchen pairs the high-end island with sleek handleless units and dark tones in blues and greys to create a contemporary and luxurious feel.


3. Colourful Country Charm

Inject a splash of colour into your kitchen by choosing a bold shade for your island. This kitchen island idea from our Dorchester range uses the island to add a pop of red to contrast the grey cabinets and uplift the otherwise neutral scheme. The island transforms this open plan kitchen into a family hub, providing a central space for cooking and dining, as well as additional storage.

The island uses shaker cabinets with brass cup handles to work together with the kitchen as a whole to create a country-inspired kitchen brimming with rustic charm. The island is illuminated by two pendant lights to create a focal point and the island’s curved edges soften the design to create a warm and welcoming space.


4. Minimal Modern Hub

This Genoa kitchen uses an island to bridge the gap between the work zone and living zone. One half of the island has a hob facing outwards, whilst the other half is for seating. This unifies the functional/work area and the dining/sociable area whilst still maintaining two distinct zones, creating a hub for cooking, family time, and socialising.

The design then uses pendant lighting to light up the island hub and make it a central feature. This is a large, open plan kitchen and the island enhances the space. With handleless units, integrated appliances, and a polished concrete floor, this is a sleek and stylish kitchen with a modern and minimal design.


5. Farmhouse Style Storage

Busy homes can make use of the additional storage that islands can provide. This kitchen island idea enhances storage space with a variety of smart storage solutions. It has cupboards for cookware, drawers for cutlery, shelving for accessories, and even a wine rack.

Above the storage space, the island also offers extra worktop space for prep and eating, with an optimised work triangle. The island is shaker style in a pastel grey shade to maintain flow with the exterior units, and this classic shaker style, paired with a range cooker and wooden beams, creates the perfect farmhouse style country kitchen. 


Free Design Advice

Use these kitchen island ideas to inspire your design. For further advice on kitchen islands or any aspect of designing your kitchen, get in touch today for your free consultation, and our design expert, Andy Briggs, will help you design your dream kitchen.