5 Kitchen Styles to Inspire Your Design

Whether you’re planning a redesign, an update, or a complete renovation, this post looks at 5 different kitchen styles to inspire your design. From modern to country to eclectic, we’ll help you discover your perfect kitchen style.


1. Modern

Modern style kitchens are characterised by smooth and sleek surfaces, a crisp and neutral colour palette, and bright open space. They are minimalist compared to traditional styles, with no unnecessary details or ornaments and an emphasis on form and structure. As a result, modern kitchen styles have a contemporary, elegant, and luxurious feel.

To achieve a modern kitchen design, choose handleless high-gloss cabinets, high-end materials for worktops such as concrete and marble, streamlined recessed lighting, and the latest smart tech appliances.


2. Country

Country kitchens, also known as farmhouse or shaker style, are influenced by rural heritage with a classic rustic charm. Country kitchens are warm and welcoming, with a cosy, homely feel. Give your kitchen a timeless country design with shaker cabinets, tongue and groove panelling, natural oak or stone floors, timber cabinetry, exposed beams, a belfast sink, and cup handles.

A country kitchen’s colour palette is defined by natural hues and soft tones such as duck egg blue, mustard yellow, and sage green. In contrast to modern minimal styles, country kitchens add character with decorative elements and personal details such as patterned textiles, ornaments, vases, dinnerware and cookware, plant pots and flowers all on display.


3. Industrial

Industrial style kitchens are characterised by raw materials and natural textures such as brick, metals, and wood. Inspired by factories and warehouses, industrial kitchens have a utilitarian look and feel. The style favours practical, hard-wearing surfaces over decorative ornaments and embellishment.

Industrial style kitchens have a stripped back appearance, using salvaged materials and exposed elements. Design your kitchen in an industrial style with stainless steel appliances and worktops, exposed brick walls and metal beams, copper and brass hardware, concrete floors and counters, natural wood flooring and cabinetry, and filament bulb lighting.


4. Scandinavian

Scandinavian style kitchens are modern with clean lines, organic shapes, and natural materials. The Nordic-inspired design is simple and minimalist with a sense of ambience and calm. Opt for simple, sleek, streamlined cabinets in glossy and matte finishes. Choose natural materials such as beech or ash for flooring and stone for worktops.

Scandinavian kitchens have a light colour palette with white and grey shades which can be contrasted with darker shades to add depth. This style makes use of natural light with windows and skylights to give a bright and airy feel. Add a ceramic or tile splashback to add interest and textiles such as a rug or cushions to soften the space.


5. Eclectic

Eclectic kitchens combine a range of design concepts, allowing you to choose elements of each style that you like and put them together. Rather than commit to a single style, you can mix and match different objects, furniture items, and decorations in your own way to reflect your unique taste and personality.

The eclectic style blends a variety of different patterns and textures effortlessly to create a whimsical and quirky feel. Eclectic kitchens favour bold and contrasting colours that energise the space. They often include a personally curated collection of artwork, ornaments, and mementoes to create a sense of playfulness and character and create a one-of-a-kind design.


Free Design Advice

From modern and country to industrial, Scandinavian, and eclectic, use these examples to inspire your kitchen design. These are just 5 examples of kitchen styles, you can check out our blog here for more design inspiration. For further advice on designing your kitchen, get in touch with us today for your free consultation, and our experts will help you design your dream kitchen.

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