6 Practical and Stylish Kitchen Shelving Ideas

Shelving is a stylish and practical way to add extra storage space to your kitchen and create wow-factor. In this blog post, we highlight 6 kitchen shelving ideas to inspire your design.

Kitchen Range: Newark

1. This kitchen design from our Newark range uses a small cluster of three simple floating shelves to break up the block of closed cabinetry that is taking up so much space along the wall. The shelves are the same colour and material as the cabinets to create flow and symmetry and complement the shaker style. The shelves are a great place to keep day-to-day items such as utensils, glassware, plates, and mugs within easy reach whilst leaving the countertop clear.


stratford kitchen

Kitchen Range: Stratford

2. This design from our Stratford range, here shown in mustard, demonstrates that you don’t have to stick to just one shelving area. The u-shaped kitchen maximises storage space by building shelving into the end of the peninsula unit. It also incorporates a sleek line of open shelving above the splashback, using the same material for the shelf as the worktop to create symmetry. And shelving doesn’t always have to be practical – this kitchen uses the shelving to display quirky decor and fun objects like books, artwork, and vases that add personality.


pink kitchen

Kitchen Range: Wickham

3. This kitchen from our Wickham range, here shown in olive, has a small but clever shelf on the back wall. The shelf displays a chic flower arrangement, below the shelves sit drawers that could store anything from accessories to essentials, then below the drawers sit hooks for tea towels. The result is a savvy 3-in-one storage solution. The shelf display plays with different shapes, colours and sizes to keep the look interesting. The single shelf is enough to add character to the country shaker chic style of the space without distracting from the rest of the room.


Kitchen Range: Linea

4. This kitchen design from our Linea range goes vertical with a sleek and slim shelving unit which adds variety and interest to the space. This design uses vertical shelving to store essentials such as cookware and foodstuffs but also mixes in decor items like books and bowls to add character. The same wood grain finish matches the other handleless kitchen units to create a streamlined and modern look.


Kitchen Range: Linea

5. This contemporary design uses a teal pop of colour to draw the eye to the shelving and make the shelves stand out as contrast against the grey wall. The shelves extend from the line of wall cabinets to create a streamlined effect and are installed on either side of the hob to create balance. The design also uses the top of the cabinet as a shelf, using uplighting to highlight the items. To ensure the shelving is not cluttered, the design displays an equal number of items on each shelf to create a cohesive space.


Kitchen Range: Dorchester

6. The walls aren’t the only place for shelving. Make the most of your space and add shelving to your island. This kitchen shelving idea fills one side of the island with exposed shelving to create extra space for storage. The grey shaker design matches the colour and material of the island shelving to the exterior units to create flow and tie the room together. The design perfectly demonstrates how taking shelving further than the walls can really enhance a space.


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You can put just about anything on your kitchen shelves. The best items to put on your kitchen shelves include plants, artwork, utensils, cookbooks, decorative vases and ceramics, drinking glasses, mugs, tableware such as plates and bowls, bowls of fruit, storage jars, and cookware such as pots, pans, and dishes.

Follow these tips to style open shelves. Firstly, choose a variety of items, from plants and books to everyday essentials like mugs and bowls. Then mix textures, colours, and patterns to add depth and vary sizes and heights to add interest. Finally, avoid overcrowding with too much stuff to keep your shelves clutter-free.

Open shelves in a kitchen are a great way to store essential items such as plates, bowls, and mugs, and also display your favourite ceramics and books. Open shelving is both functional and stylish and can enhance your kitchen’s look and feel. Alternatively, you could opt for cabinets or units as storage instead.

Whilst open shelving is a popular kitchen trend right now, it’s not just a fad. Open shelving looks great in all sizes and styles of kitchen. Open shelving can make your kitchen look light and open and is a great way to display everything from dishes and utensils to plants and artwork.