The Best Futuristic Kitchens Products

The Best Futuristic Kitchens Products

We recently wrote a post looking at how technology is transforming the future of the kitchen – from intelligent ovens that can work out how long it will take to cook your food to perfection, to a refrigerator that can order your groceries for you and tell you when your food is going to expire – the latest developments are truly innovative and exciting. But what about the latest and greatest in kitchen accessories and tools? What’s new in the world of kitchen products?

Here’s a quick look at some of the most interesting new releases:

The CinniBird Spice Pen

This snazzy kitchen ‘pen’ allows you to draw creative messages and pictures on your food using natural materials like cinnamon, coffee, paprika and cocoa. Leave a thoughtful message for your loved one, or let the kids get creative with their food.

Espresso on the Go

This nifty portable mini-espresso machine will give you the perfect shot of coffee, no matter where you are, so you can get your dose of caffeine no matter what. The dream for busy working parents. ‘Coffee at your fingertips’.

The Hiku Shopping Button

This clever little button lives in your kitchen and is able to record your shopping lists via barcode scanning and voice recognition. Connected to your phone via an app, it means you have constant access to your updated list. You can even connect it to online stores to ensure the easiest grocery shopping experience you’ve ever had.

The FOODsniffer

This useful hand-held device can accurately detect the freshness of raw meat, poultry and fish so you know what’s safe to eat. Connected to your phone via an app, it can instantly analyse results to let you know the freshness and safety of eating that piece of meat that might have been sitting in the fridge for a while. Say good-bye to food poisoning.

The Scanomat

Another win for the coffee-drinkers, this elegant and simplistic appliance might look like a regular tap, but turn the handle and out flows glorious coffee… It doesn’t get better than that.


I don’t know how we always seem to end up with a multitude of mismatching boxes and lids, but finding a lid to fit a Tupperware box in my house is an absolute nightmare. Cue the CoverBubble, magical pieces of silicone that can stretch to cover any container/vegetable etc. you might have. Fridge and freezer suitable, they are a life-saver.

The Ravi Wine Chiller

This little gem means you will never have to drink warm wine again. Simple attach to the mouth of the bottle and pour, and your wine is chilled – no more waiting for bottles to get cool in the fridge.

A UV Sanitizing Wand

Kill germs and viruses in your home with this cordless sanitizing wand. It uses UV light to sanitize your surfaces without chemicals or irritants. Simply wave over any surface you’re worried about – kitchen countertops, keyboards, pillows, pet beds – and let it work its magic.

The Pantelligent

This smart pan has a built in temperature sensor that is able to monitor the weight and placement of your food plus the heat of your pan, telling you exactly when to stir/flip your food, when to add ingredients, when to adjust heat, and when you’re done. The ideal tool for those of us who aren’t confident in the kitchen.

If you’re looking for an equally modern, innovative kitchen to match these new products, book a free design consultation at your nearest Optiplan showroom now.

Info via Buzzfeed


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