Looking for colourful kitchen ideas?

Looking for colourful kitchen ideas?

Here’s our top three finishes

Our range of finishes bring as much tactile delight as they do visual. We’ve a whole host of stunning paint finishes to choose from, but take a look at our round up of our favourites to give you the kitchen design ideas you’ve been missing.


Nightfall is a particular favourite paint finish as it’s deep and dark tones look stunning on our classic kitchen collections. Shades of blue add a real depth to a space and Nightfall in particular brings rich tones of luxury. This inky colour can have either a smooth finish or a textured look where the grain is still visible within the cabinetry. Pair this shade with a striking white marble work surface or stone floors for a harmonised look.

For more inspiration on using bold colours throughout your kitchen design, follow these top tips: https://www.optiplankitchens.co.uk/bold-colours-kitchen/

Antique Green

Antique Green brings a charming look to any kitchen. It’s the perfect way to invite the British rural spirit into the home to take you away to thoughts of idyllic rolling countryside. Make this alluring shade even warmer when teaming with metallic accessories such as brass cabinet handles or copper accessories, which will instantly add character to your kitchen. This traditional colour works particularly well with a solid wooden work surface.

Light Grey

Simple it may sound, but you just can’t go wrong with a subtle Light Grey shade in the kitchen. The soft tones bring a calming, gentle nature to the kitchen space. Yet simple doesn’t need to mean boring as grey can be harmonised with other shades from this palette. Consider mixing light grey with natural stone. By sticking to these subtle tones, you can create a clean and airy feel.

If you want to discuss any of your kitchen design ideas, from storage and appliances to colours and lighting, why not book a free design consultation and speak to one of our experts?

There are loads of great colours for a kitchen. Some of the best colours are crisp white, soft grey, sage green, deep blue, bold yellow, plum purple, and burgundy red.
Many colours are increasing in popularity in 2021, including statement pinks, dark greens, navy blues, classic blacks and whites, bold reds, zesty oranges, and Nordic greys. 
Good colours for kitchen walls include warm neutral tones such as off-white and grey, splashes of colour such as pastel pink and powder yellow, and dark dramatic colours such as navy.
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