Black and white kitchen designs

Black and white kitchen designs

Thanks to the classic and timeless nature of the monochrome colour palette, the stylish combination of black and white will produce a stunning effect that can be tailored to any modern kitchen. With monochrome set to still be a popular interior design trend for 2020, check out our inspiration on black and white kitchen designs.

Emphasising the units

Using lighter tones for the cabinetry creates the illusion that the kitchen look larger than it is. To achieve a contemporary look, team these pale tones with retro tiling, dark sleek worktops and splash backs for an effortlessly dramatic feel. Use colour blocking to provide additional depth to the space.

Add patterns and textures

Incorporating a splash of bold patterns and a mixture of different textures will rejuvenate a black and white style. For a real design statement and to add visual depth, opt for a striking black and white floor such as a chequered chessboard or even a retro geometric pattern.

Family-Friendly Monochrome

To create a family-friendly area, use materials that are sleek to the eye but are also easy-to-clean. For the kids, consider installing a giant chalkboard on one wall, as this will work as a great distraction during meal preparation, but will also offer a striking focus. These elements will help you to achieve a stylish look whilst making sure the space remains comfortable.

Go all out with accessories

All tones of timber work effectively with a monochrome scheme, so you can’t go wrong if you add a timber work surface. Equally, brass and copper accessories work brilliantly, as the dark backdrop means these finishes truly stand out in a modern kitchen.
To achieve this look, consider our dramatic Metallic Anthracite or the bold Blackwood Ash, and brighten with our striking White Levanto Marble or classic White Gloss.

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White kitchens will never go out of style. A white kitchen will open your space, create a fresh and bright feel, and can create the perfect contemporary and classic design.
White is a versatile colour, so almost every colour will look great with a white kitchen. Try black to create a modern monochrome scheme. Sage green and duck egg blue are great for giving a traditional country feel. Contrast with pops of purple, red, and yellow if you’re feeling bold.
There are a range of worktops that go best with a white kitchen. Choose granite or marble worktops for a modern, luxurious scheme. Alternatively, opt for natural wood worktops for a rustic, country kitchen.
Make your white kitchen look good by using accent colours to add interest, using different textures for worktops such as rustic wood and classic marble, adding pattern with a tiled backsplash, installing statement pendant lighting, and adding a personal touch with unique decorative touches.
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