How to use bold colours throughout kitchen design

How to use bold colours throughout kitchen design              

Choosing the perfect colour scheme for the kitchen comes with endless possibilities and it can be often one of the hardest decision to make. Many of our customers opt for a muted colour scheme which then is enhanced with bold bursts of colour. Follow our top tips for achieving this look for your kitchen interior.

How to use bold colours throughout kitchen design

  1. Don’t be shy, stand out!

If you’re afraid of using bold colours based on the fear that it may be too overpowering, then use it in small portions. Use bold bursts to highlight a key area or to keep it below your direct line of sight as you enter the kitchen. Also consider size, as a big kitchen interior can handle a much bolder pop of colour. For further inspiration, check out our blog on how to add character to your kitchen design.

  1. Embrace colours with accessories

Be adventurous and playful with colour and textures by introducing bright accessories. Colourful crockery and statement glassware add personality to the dining table, whilst vibrant chairs create visual impact to a new kitchen style, as well as creating a decorative touch.

Using bold colours throughout kitchen design

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  1. Blend neutrals with colour

Complementary colours are positioned opposite each other on the colour wheel. Use this as a rule of thumb when planning colour in the kitchen, as it automatically creates strong contrast with a vibrant feel. Brighten your kitchen interior with colourful cabinets juxtaposed with sophisticated and neutral work surfaces. Our guide to kitchen cabinets includes advice on choosing the right colour.

Splurge on a colourful splashback

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  1. Splurge on a colourful splashback

Kitchen splashbacks not only protect your walls from stains when cooking, but they also give you the chance to add an accent of colour to your kitchen walls, creating a sleek and stylish look. Take it further by injecting geometric patterns or a marble effect that combine both colour and patterns to create a beautiful kitchen design.

  1. Focus on natural elements

There’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing than a big bowl of bright green apples or yellow lemons, and it’s always comforting to have some natural greenery or flowers in the kitchen. If real house plants are too much maintenance, then resort to faux ones so you still have the green hues. A realistic faux plant placed in a kitchen interior will truly mimic an outside feel.

Our brochure is bursting with beautiful kitchen designs to leave you feeling inspired. Why not download our brochure and see what kitchen interior catches your eye?

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