Top tips for taking care of your new kitchen

Top tips for taking care of your new kitchen                                 

Homeowners spend a majority of their time in the hub of the home – the kitchen. So it’s important that once you’ve had your new kitchen installed, that you are taking care of it in the right way, so that your new kitchen will last for generations.


If you’ve opted for modern kitchen cabinets such as high gloss, we suggest removing any protective plastic film upon delivery to check for any damages. Once installed, clean the cabinet doors with a soft damp cloth with mild soap, as aggressive chemical substances can damage the delicate surface of the door.

For timber and hand-painted doors, it’s worth noting that, as natural materials, the colours may slightly alter over time. We’d suggest installing curtains or blinds to your new kitchen as this will reduce the amount of discolouration caused by strong sunlight.


It should go without saying, but it’s important that you always use a chopping board for meal preparation, as cutting directly onto the surface can easily cause lasting damage. For cleaning, tackle any greasy fingerprints with warm and mild soapy water and always wipe up any strong coloured or acidic spillages straight away, as these could lead to staining.

Find out more about the range of worktop materials and their different qualities:


A survey by Appliances Direct found that the washing machine is the dirtiest item in the kitchen, having only been cleaned once a year, followed by the oven which is cleaned on average just twice a year.

If you can’t face cleaning your oven, we recommend opting for a self-cleaning oven as part of your kitchen remodel. And whilst most modern appliances come with some self-cleaning qualities, we’d always advise thoroughly reading the manufacturer’s instructions when your new appliances are installed to fully understand how best to care for them.

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We always advise to not position worktop appliances such as kettles and toasters directly underneath a wall unit, especially those with under cabinet lighting, as rising steam and heat can cause materials to warp and swell and it may affect your lighting.

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