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A guide to choosing the right island for your kitchen

November 6th, 2017|Kitchen Innovations, Kitchen Inspiration|

A Guide to Choosing the Right Island for Your Kitchen Kitchen islands come in multiple shapes, sizes and styles, serving a variety of diverse purposes depending on what the owner needs. They are extremely versatile and can be designed and built to suit the needs of each kitchen. They can be [...]

A look at how technology is transforming the future of the kitchen

June 8th, 2017|Kitchen Innovations|

A Look at How Technology is Transforming the Future of the Kitchen As technology advances, the kitchen is developing and adapting to become more and more efficient and intelligent. Wi-Fi connected smart appliances and devices mean that we’re able to spend much less time and effort in the kitchen as technology [...]

Kitchen Fads that are better left forgotten

April 3rd, 2017|Kitchen Innovations|

Kitchen Fads that are Better Left Forgotten The kitchen has undergone drastic change over the past few decades, with numerous fads taking centre stage over the years. As one of the most expensive rooms in the house, and with fads coming and going constantly, it is much wiser to stick to [...]

How Optiplan Kitchens is at the forefront of kitchen design

October 10th, 2016|Kitchen Innovations|

How Optiplan Kitchens is at the Forefront of Kitchen Design The kitchen is becoming an ever more important part of the house. It is no longer a room that is used for cooking and cleaning but rather a multi-purpose room that serves as all things at once, it should be [...]

2020 Vision: The kitchen of the future

October 4th, 2016|Kitchen Innovations|

2020 Vision: The Kitchen of the Future Posts predicting the future are a fool’s errand. Looking at predictions from the 20th Century of how life will be in the 21st are comical at best, if not outright bizarre. But, to boldly go where no man has gone before. We’re going to [...]