Top tips for a cost-effective kitchen renovation

Top tips for a cost-effective kitchen renovation

When it comes to planning your kitchen design, it’s easy to get carried away without thinking too much about the end price. However, if you are working to a tight budget, then there are some easy tricks and tips that can help keep your budget in line. From worktops to appliances, here are our top five ways to help make your dream kitchen become a reality.

  1. Worktops – The style and finish of your worktops will dictate how much you spend on your new kitchen. Quartz, Marble or Dekton look great but they can easily add several zeros to your budget. But fear not, there are plenty of stylish laminate options available that come in a variety of different finishes, meaning you can create your desired look without breaking the bank.


  1. Appliances – When considering what appliances you need in your new kitchen, it’s easy to get carried away with the latest trends. However, it’s important to consider how you use your appliances and what you will need. It might be fun to buy the top-of-the-range steam oven, but if you will never use all the features, you could save hundreds buying a regular oven.


  1. Style – The style and range of your kitchen will also increase the cost. Cabinetry that requires a high level of skill – such as a classic or Shaker design – will undoubtedly take longer to create, and a greater craftsmanship, therefore will cost more than a contemporary, smooth finish. One cost-effective way to achieve a stunning kitchen design is to opt for cupboards along the bottom and open shelving at higher levels. This on-trend statement will look great in most kitchen designs, whilst saving you money as you won’t have to purchase additional cabinets.


  1. Storage and Accessories – Storage is a really important part of any kitchen design as the space needs to be functional yet stylish. Consider how much storage you really need and research cupboard caddies and storage dividers which can be really cost-effective. Similarly, accessories such as boiling hot taps offer great convenience in a busy household but can soon eat away at your budget.


  1. Payment Plans – After you’ve planned your new kitchen, you need to check your affordability. Here at Optiplan Kitchens we have four different payment options making it simplier to afford your renovation. From interest free credit through to flexible monthly payments, we can agree a package that suits you and takes away all of the financial stress, leaving you time to plan those all important accessories.


If you’re ready to start your dream kitchen renovation, get in touch with our sales team at your local showroom.