Create a kitchen perfect for autumn/winter 2020

Create a kitchen perfect for autumn/winter 2020

As the trees shed their leaves and the evenings become darker, the colours of autumn and winter evoke a sense of coziness. Despite the dreary weather that comes with this time of year, the earthy and comforting tones and textured woods that resonate with autumn and winter are a favourite amongst many.

Andy Briggs, our resident interior designer, offers his top tips for integrating trendy colours of autumn and winter 2020 into your kitchen design.

Let the outdoors come alive inside

Spending time outdoors has been somewhat of a welcome release for many this year, but as the days get colder and evenings draw in, many dread the thought of pulling on some wellies to trudge through fields for their daily exercise. So, why not bring nature into your kitchen?

Create a micro-herb garden on your windowsill or go even further and install a living wall to re-create the feel of your favourite local walking spot. Indoor plants such as spider plants and peace lilies also have air-purifying qualities, meaning you can get a dose of oxygen without even needing to step outside.

Add pops of seasonal colour

If you want to add splashes of seasonal colour into your home, green is an increasingly popular colour within interior design and it is certainly a staple colour for the autumn and winter seasons. It is also a colour that can suit all year round if incorporated correctly into your kitchen design.

Add a forest green tiled splash-back against a paler wall or perhaps some dark green fabric dining chairs or stools with gold accents. You can also seasonal plants such as a poinsettia or white orchid,   or more permanent fixtures like a gold tap set against a white butler’s sink, to help showcase the emerald tones.

Cooking in comfort

With restrictions due to COVID-19 set to continue into next year, it’s important than your kitchen is comfortable and functional.

Consider your seating and the degree of comfort it brings to all who use your kitchen. While clear plastic and chrome chairs are very neutral and suit a variety of designs, a beige or grey fabric chair will have the same effect, and in a velvet or chenille material will add that coziness to your space.

Part of making a kitchen comfortable is also all in the storage space. With us due to spend more time in our homes this winter season, it is likely that clutter will build up; but a tidy house equals a tidy mind. Make the most of kitchen cupboards using draw separators or pull out hinged units within deep cupboards, maximizing every inch of space, concealing clutter and helping to maintain serenity within the heart of your home.

Effective lighting

As the days become shorter, it’s often dark outside by the time you’ve finished work. Therefore, good lighting is imperative for a practical autumn/winter kitchen.

Low hanging pendants lights over a dining table, kitchen island or breakfast bar will add that necessary light to your kitchen, as well as style and depth. For those whose kitchens back onto their garden, add small spotlights outside above your door, to prevent your glass doors acting as a mirror – that way you’ll still be able to enjoy views of your garden, albeit under the haze of winter.

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