Case study: Family kitchen makeover

Case study: Family kitchen makeover



























With what was an outdated and awkward kitchen not providing the longed-for family hub, homeowners Melissa and Will decided it was time to transform the kitchen in their 1980s link-detached house, where they have been living for almost two years. Both set on a family-oriented space, the couple set about a kitchen extension project and enlisted the expert advice of Optiplan Kitchens to bring their vision to life. Here, Melissa explains how the scheme came together…

What was the driving force for the new kitchen design?

“We moved into our three-bedroom home in 2017 and have made the property our own since then. The kitchen décor had become out-dated and although it was perfectly functional, it wasn’t a space that you would call inviting and homely. The kitchen, utility area and dining room were all segregated into separate rooms so it had a clunky feel. We felt it was the right time to make the kitchen bigger and create one large open room.

What were your must-have features for the kitchen design?

“It was important for us to create a space where the family could come together for cooking, entertaining and relaxing. I wanted to ensure that the space could be enjoyed by all, whilst also allowing enough room to cook with ease, without having to side-step past people. Knocking through the wall to the dining room opened up the space, allowing us to fit in more storage, such as the double pantry unit which I’ve always dreamed of, and create the main feature, the stunning island.

What do you enjoy most about your custom kitchen?

“I’ve fallen in love with the island, as it soon became a family-centric feature. I’m so pleased with the gorgeous Nordic-blue colour against the striking white worktop. I chose industrial-style stools positioned against the island to create a relaxed breakfast bar.

“With Will being a keen cook, the island has transformed the way he whips up a meal. Additions such as having the sleek hob built in and the almost-invisible extractor fan really make all the difference. Best of all, we can use the kitchen with ease whilst enjoying a bright and spacious living area.”

Melissa and Will’s dream of a bright and spacious open-plan kitchen that welcomes the family has finally been realised.

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