How to Achieve a Modern Kitchen Style

In this blog post, we look at how to achieve a modern kitchen style. From handleless units to smart appliances to open-plan layouts, these 5 design tips will transform your kitchen into a modern haven.


  1. Handleless Units

Modern-style kitchens are characterised by clean lines to achieve a smooth, sleek and sophisticated look. Choosing handleless kitchen units is a great way to achieve this look, as handle-free cabinetry has a streamlined design that reduces visual clutter and gives the illusion of more space, which will make your kitchen look and feel ultra-modern.


  1. Smart Appliances

The latest technology is essential to a modern kitchen, and it doesn’t get much more high-tech than smart appliances, which can be controlled remotely using your smartphone or tablet. From smart ovens that send notifications that let you know when dinner’s cooked to fridges that track use-by-dates to reduce waste, smart technology can improve modern kitchen functionality.


  1. White Colour Scheme

Nothing says modern like a white colour scheme that maximises light and makes the room feel bigger, brighter, and more open and spacious. A neutral colour palette can also act as a blank canvas on which to play with texture and pattern on floors and worktops, and add personality with lighting, plants, and art.


  1. Remove Clutter

Modern kitchens are more minimalist than maximalist, so modern designs should be kept clutter-free with surfaces clear of appliances and utensils. Busy cabinetry and cluttered surfaces can make a space look old-fashioned. Using clever storage solutions such as shelving, cabinets, drawers, and even a pantry can make your space feel instantly more modern.


  1. Open Plan Layout

The way we use our kitchens has evolved. Kitchens now function as the hub of the home, and a place where we cook, eat, socialise, relax, work, and entertain. A modern kitchen layout should complement this function. Open plan layouts are ideal as they combine the kitchen, living room, and dining area in one space, optimising the room for modern living.


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From handleless units to white colour palettes to clearing clutter, use these 5 tips to make your kitchen look and feel more modern. For more advice on kitchen design, get in touch today and our design experts will help you design your dream modern kitchen.


A modern style kitchen has a minimal and spacious feel. It typically has sleek handleless or high gloss cabinets, high-end worktop materials such as marble, smart appliances, and an open plan layout with a peninsula or island.
A modern kitchen is characterised by minimalist features, simple colour palettes, streamlined countertops, sleek cabinets, integrated appliances, and open plan layouts.
A modern kitchen design typically has sleek surfaces, minimalist features, and an open feel. In contrast, a traditional kitchen typically has shaker units, decorative elements, and a country feel.