How to add character to your kitchen design

How to add character to your kitchen design

Functionality is key when it comes to kitchen design, but what makes a house a home, is the personality that runs through it. As the heart of the home, the kitchen should reflect the people that are using it, and with a little imagination and creative flair, you can transform your kitchen into a room bursting with colour and character.

  1. Open up with open shelving

Open shelving is a fantastic way to display your favourite belongings and showcase your personality. Whether it’s showing off your impressive cookbook collection or exhibiting a piece of statement art, it’s a quick and easy way to add charm to your kitchen.

  1. Make a statement with lighting

It’s common for kitchens to have integrated spotlights in the ceiling and task lighting underneath the cabinets, but who says that lighting has to be boring? Add a real wow-factor with oversized hanging pendants which not only make a design statement but are also useful for defining areas of the kitchen when hung above a dining area or breakfast bar.

  1. Brighten with a splashback

Make best use of your splashback to create visual intrigue. Sleek contemporary kitchens look great with bright burst of colour or an on-trend marble, whilst you can add charm to classic kitchens with an antique glass mirror that’s unlike any other or bring in some pattern with eccentric wall tiling.

  1. Delve into distinctive floor tiles

Inject some personality into your kitchen with a daring floor design. From a bold herringbone wood to unique decorative floor tiles, both will make for a strong focal point which will help to guide the eye around the space.

  1. Introduce intriguing texture

Texture adds warmth to a space to enhance your kitchen with a rustic twist to your kitchen by integrating elements like wood, stone, metal or brick. This can be a quick and affordable option, such as having a wooden chopping board on display or opting for simple brick-effect wallpaper for visual depth.

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