How to Make Your Small Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

In this blog post, we look at how to make your small kitchen look and feel bigger than it actually is. From choosing the right storage to choosing the right colours, these 5 clever design tips will create the illusion of space in your home.


  1. Use Lighter Colours

Choosing light colours will make your kitchen feel bigger and brighter. This is because light colours like white naturally reflect light. So opt for white tones, neutral shades, and lighter hues on walls, countertops, and cabinets to prevent the room from feeling too small and dark. Stick to a few key shades and avoid blocks of contrasting colours, as this will make the eye see the room as one seamless space and make your small kitchen appear larger.


  1. Clear Clutter

Having a lot of clutter in your kitchen will make the space feel cramped and small, so eliminating clutter will instantly make a small space feel bigger. Don’t overcrowd countertops, and use cupboards, cabinets, and drawers to tidy clutter and store away utensils, crockery, cookware, and appliances. Only leave out daily essentials such as the kettle, and decorative items such as flowers which will add character.


  1. Add Light-Reflecting Surfaces

Adding light-reflecting surfaces will enhance a sense of space in your kitchen and make it appear larger. This includes mirrored splashbacks, glass tiles, shiny floors, metallic accessories, polished marble countertops, high gloss finish cabinets, and stainless steel appliances. These types of surfaces reflect and bounce light around the room to make your small kitchen look and feel bigger and more open.


  1. Switch to Open Storage

A solid bulk of cabinets along a wall can take up space and block out light. Replacing your wall cabinets with open shelving can make your kitchen feel more airy and open. You can also swap opaque cabinet doors for glass-panelled doors, as this will create the illusion of more space because the eye travels through the cabinets and the wall feels farther away. Be sure to keep shelves and cabinets free of clutter as this will only make the room feel crowded and small.


  1. Use Lighting

Lighting will open up and enlargen your space. Illuminate your kitchen with lighting such as spotlights, strip lights, pendant lights, wall sconces, ceiling lights, and plinth lights. Also make the most of natural light by opening blinds, keeping window treatments minimal, and installing a skylight or patio doors. Maximising the amount of light in the room will make your small kitchen feel lighter, brighter, and more spacious.


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From open storage to reflective surfaces to clearing clutter, use these 5 tips to make your small kitchen look and feel bigger. For more advice on small kitchen design, get in touch today and our design experts will help you maximise your space.


Galley layouts are popular in small kitchens as they are long and narrow, running along two parallel walls with opposite rows of units facing each other. Single wall kitchens are also popular as they run in one line with all counters and cabinets along the same wall, which makes them ideal for smaller spaces.
The best colours for a small kitchen are white, neutrals, and light colours with a white tint. These colours will naturally reflect light around the room to make your space look and feel bigger and brighter.
To maximise a small kitchen, use colours that reflect light, eliminate clutter by storing as much as possible out of sight, use open storage such as shelving, add light-reflecting surfaces such as high gloss cabinets, and increase the amount of light in the room. This will enhance the sense of space in your small kitchen.
Kitchens can be categorised into small, medium, and large sizes. Small kitchens measure around 70 square feet or less, whereas mid-sized kitchens measure around 100 square feet.