Pancake Day: Tips and tricks to perfecting your pancakes

Have you already committed to living a healthier lifestyle this year? With Pancake Day ‘crepe’-ing up on us, we’re sharing our top tips and tricks for cooking up a delicious and fluffy stack of pancakes. Check out our top ideas for this year’s Pancake Day…

The ‘go-to’ healthy pancake
Have barely any ingredients at home? We’ve got you covered! This pancake recipe uses just three ingredients and still provides a great breakfast/afternoon snack. Plus it couldn’t be simpler, use just one banana along with two eggs, finishing with some oats to add a thicker texture, and you’ll have the perfect mixture for your pancakes! A much healthier, easier and quicker alternative.


Vegan-friendly recipes
Who says vegans can’t enjoy Pancake Day? As an alternative, create a mixture using your favourite flours such as buckwheat and almond flour; add some almond milk, two bananas, vanilla extract, baking powder as well as some almond butter.  Et voilà!, you have your vegan pancakes, still as filling and delicious as the regular ones. Check out our review of ‘Posh Pancakes’ for further inspiring recipes:

Be creative!
If you feel like adding some extra crunchiness to the mixture, try using some nuts or seeds. Rich in nutrients, these will force you to get that daily fibre and protein intake and leave you feeling fuller for longer. On top, add some decoration to your pancakes such as red fruits, Greek yogurt, cinnamon, peanut butter or even some cottage cheese. The list has no limits!


For extra happiness and fun, inviting your friends and family to join you for an amusing pancake cooking day is also a great idea that will fill everyone’s heart and tummy.
We want to wish you an enjoyable Pancake Day from us all at Optiplan Kitchens. Remember to share your wonderful creations our Facebook page or by tagging @optiplankitchen on Instagram.

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