10 kitchen design ideas as featured on Real Homes

10 kitchen design ideas as featured on Real Homes

Our kitchen design experts recently worked with Real Homes to pull together a list of top 10 kitchen design ideas that you should try this year.

Whether you want to achieve a traditional, country-style kitchen or would rather incorporate the clean lines of a contemporary gloss kitchen – it’s definitely worth checking out the style, storage and tech suggestions we’ve made.

We delve into the best forms of storage you could opt for, from a spacious pantry and deep- internal drawers, to a stylish wine cooler and sleek handle-less cupboards. And explore the range of smart technology on offer, such as the latest in smart speakers which will transform the way you follow a recipe! As a result, you’ll be well on your way to upgrading your kitchen style.

To discover more about the kitchen design ideas, click here: https://www.realhomes.com/features/10-kitchen-design-ideas-we-all-want-to-copy-in-2019

For further inspiration, head to our website and check out our brochure which is packed full of inspiring kitchen design ideas.