5 Kitchen Gadgets Which Really Make a Difference

5 kitchen gadgets which really make a difference

Over the past few months, all the best popular lifestyle brands have been publishing their round-ups of the coolest kitchen gadgets forecast for 2021. In our latest blog, we’ve selected the five gadgets that we believe will truly enhance your time in the kitchen.

  1. Smart Gardens by Click & Grow are innovative indoor gardens which allow you to grow anything with zero effort. The compact Smart Garden 3 is particularly suited for growing herbs and flowers. With LED grow lights, it cares for itself and harvests fresh, flavourful herbs – all from within your home. Like with coffee capsule machines, this gadget uses capsules too. Biodegradable plant pods contain all the seeds and nutrients required to enjoy kitchen-grown food all year round – and each Smart Garden purchase comes with a sprouting guarantee. Price: £90 approx.

  1. We love gadgets which help save on space and help in keeping kitchen surfaces sleek and clutter-free. The TriScale Digital Kitchen Scales from Joseph Joseph is one such gadget. This small set of scales folds neatly away to be stored within your cutlery or utensil drawer. With its futuristic design (a bit like something a Star Trek medical officer might use to take someone’s vitals), it will look the part in any contemporary kitchen. Price: £35.

  1. Cookware manufacturer ProCook has been designing functional and stylish utensils for over two decades. Its Herb Scissors offer function and fashion in equal parts, making chopping herbs fast and simple. With green plastic non-slip handles and five integrated stainless steel blades, this is the sort of product which gives you that Dragon’s Den ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ moment. It’s not a big investment for something which enables you to complete a task in one fifth of the time. Priced at just £9, we think it’s a ‘steel.’

  1. Available from Lakeland, the SharpPeel Stainless Steel Julienne Vegetable Peeler is one of the kitchenware specialist’s ‘Lakeland Stars’ range, promoting products which stand the test of time, over and over again. With a super-sharp precision blade, this peeler makes matchstick-sized strips of veg and is perfect for vegetable spaghetti or finely shredded citrus peel – a no brainer for those who love getting creative with vegetables and salads. Priced at £4.99, it’s hardly an investment at all!

  1. For toastie lovers, it can be difficult finding the ultimate toasted sandwich maker which allows you to cram all your favourite ingredients in and guarantee that crisp, golden outer surface, whilst oozing with flavour inside. But once you find the right one for you, it’s a real treat of a gadget to have in your kitchen. Real Homes magazine’s recent sandwich maker buying guide from January 2021 explores the best currently on the market and singles out Breville’s Deep Fill 2 Slice Sandwich Toaster as a great all-rounder. This model’s improved design browns toasties more evenly and helps prevent filling leakage. Price: £29.99 approx.

If you would like advice about kitchen design and how to incorporate the right space for all the appliances and gadgets you require, why not call your local showroom or book a virtual design consultation with one of our experienced designers?

Image credits: Joseph Joseph; Click & Grow; ProCook; Lakeland; Breville.

Kitchen gadgets can save you time and money in the kitchen. Some of the most useful kitchen gadgets include food processors, slow cookers, juicers, blenders, four-sided graters, herb scissors, sandwich makers, and electronic scales.

One of our favourite latest kitchen gadgets is the Neff Slide&Hide oven, which has an innovative door that slides and hides under the oven cavity. This saves space in your kitchen and gives you greater accessibility to the oven.

We use tools every day in the kitchen to make food prep and cooking quicker and easier. A few of the most common tools that are used in the kitchen include chef’s knives, cutting boards, measuring cups and spoons, mixing bowls, can openers, colanders, veg peelers, spatulas, and whisks.