The kitchen installation process – your questions answered

The kitchen installation process – your questions answered     

At Optiplan Kitchens, we support you throughout the entire process of your kitchen renovation; from helping you pick your perfect style, to creating personalised kitchen floor plans. Our experienced installation team will put the plans to work; channelling all your design ideas into a kitchen you’ll love.

To ensure your kitchen renovation process is as seamless as possible, we’ve collated our most frequently asked questions from customers to help you along the way.

What should I do before the kitchen installation process begins?

    • Have a clean out of cupboards to minimise the mess. Kitchen cupboards are bound to include items in need of throwing away, whether it’s out of date tins or products we haven’t seen in months. It’s important to clear out any items that you won’t want living in your kitchen space.
    • Create a temporary space in another room for making tea, coffee and microwave meals. During the time we are installing your brand new kitchen, life continues and it’s business as usual. So set up a separate, designated area in your home for you to have a meal every evening and your daily dose of caffeine. All that is left to do is sit down on the sofa and see your kitchen floor plans coming to life.

What can I do during the kitchen renovation to make sure I’m part of the process too?

    • Search on Pinterest for styling ideas and inspiration on how to give your new kitchen areas of creative flair and add some wow-factor. Or follow your favourite homeware shops on Instagram for inspiration on new products to help style your new space. Incorporate a stand-out ornament, some art prints, or why not add some greenery in the form of a new plant? Whether it is artificial or real, plants are always a good form of decoration to add an attractive flair.
    • Refer back to your kitchen floor plans to remind yourself what the kitchen renovation process is for. Whilst the process may seem like an inconvenience, your new kitchen will be well worth the wait. If you have any questions during the kitchen installation process, feel free to ask our qualified fitting team who will be happy to help.

How can I make sure I’m making the most out of my new Optiplan kitchen?

    • Optimise your space to provide yourself with best kitchen experience by taking advantage of our revolutionary storage solutions. For example, make sure your cutlery is near your seated kitchen island, or store your breakfast foods nearest the breakfast table. Create a kitchen experience that is tailored for you, and allows you to appreciate all the new features following the kitchen renovation.
    • Take a look at our other blog posts for further inspo, including how to add character to your new kitchen, the must-have kitchen gadgets and how to optimise your kitchen for hosting the perfect party.

Feeling ready to take on a kitchen renovation? Start the process of creating your dream kitchen and book a free design consultation with us:

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