Kitchen Layout Designs – 6 Most Popular Kitchen Layouts

Kitchens come in a range of different shapes and sizes, with a whole variety of ways countertops, appliances, and storage can be arranged. From U-shaped to L-shaped to islands, this blog post looks at the 6 most popular kitchen layouts that you can use as inspiration when designing your own kitchen.


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1. Single Wall Kitchen Layout

Single wall kitchen layouts run in one line, with all countertops, cabinets, and appliances arranged along the same wall. This simple layout is ideal for smaller kitchens with limited space, such as studios, flats, and loft apartments. The single wall kitchen then frees up more floor space in the rest of the room for dining and living.

For the most efficient workflow, place the fridge at one end, the oven in the middle, and sink at the other end, or place the sink in between the cooker and fridge. To maximise storage, take storage vertical, with cabinets above worktops and shelving over base units.


2. Galley Kitchen Layout

Galley kitchens are long and narrow, making them perfect for smaller homes without the space for an open kitchen. Galley kitchens run along two parallel walls, with opposite rows of units and cabinets facing each other, creating a galley between them.

Galley kitchens offer a practical layout that ensures everything is within easy reach with plenty of room for movement between counters, storage, and appliances. For the best workflow, place the cooker on one side and the fridge and sink on the other, with enough workspace in between.


3. U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

U-shaped kitchens have 3 countertops and units connected in the shape of an open rectangle. This is a highly versatile and practical layout that creates the perfect work triangle, with the hob, sink, and fridge on separate sides of the U-shape for easy access to all zones of the kitchen.

The U-shaped layout provides plenty of countertop space and storage options around the perimeter. And, if your kitchen is large enough, your U-shaped design can include an island in the centre to create an area for entertaining and cooking.


4. L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

L-shaped layouts have countertops on two adjacent walls that meet in a perpendicular shape to form an L. L-shaped kitchens offer more open-plan floor space than the U-shape without compromising on worktop space, offering the opportunity to incorporate an island or dining area in the layout.

L-shaped layouts provide ample space for counters and storage and flexibility when it comes to appliances and work zones. To create the ultimate working triangle and maximise space, install the hob on one end of the L, sink and fridge on the other, with plenty of workspace in between.


5. Island Kitchen Layout

An island is a contemporary kitchen layout that is growing in popularity. The island layout can be combined with the straight line, U-shape, or L-shaped kitchen and comprises a free-standing counter unit in the centre of the room separated from the walls of the kitchen. This makes islands ideal for large rooms and open-plan homes.

The island can provide additional cooking, food prep and work surfaces, extra storage space, more room for appliances such as the hob, dishwasher, or sink, and additional seating for socialising and dining. This makes the island a multifunctional layout that enables you to work, cook, eat, and entertain in your kitchen.


6. Peninsula Kitchen Layout

The peninsula kitchen layout is similar to an island layout, but rather than being free-standing in the middle of the room, the peninsula is connected to the workspace or wall at one end and extends into the kitchen. The peninsula layout is ideal for smaller kitchens where space is limited and you are not able to incorporate an island.

The peninsula has all the benefits of an island, offering additional countertop, seating, and storage space. The peninsular works as an extension of your kitchen layout, with extra room for food prep, eating, cooking, entertaining, and socialising.


Free Design Consultation

From an island layout to single wall to L-shape, getting your kitchen’s layout right is crucial to creating a space that maximises flow and function. For more help on choosing the best layout for your kitchen, contact us today for your free design consultation.


The 6 key kitchen layouts are galley, u-shaped, L-shaped, single wall, island, and peninsula kitchens.
When designing a new kitchen layout start by thinking about how you use and move around the space. Your design should ensure there is an efficient work triangle with a sink, cooker, and fridge placement that optimises workflow. The size and shape of the room will also impact layout design.
The fridge should be located near a worktop and in close proximity to the sink and cooker to create an efficient work triangle. This will make tasks like cooking, food prep, cleaning, and eating easier and ensure an aesthetic and functional layout.
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