Kitchen lighting design ideas

Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas

Treasured accessories such as design-led lighting will give balance to the simplicity of design. One of our favourite kitchen lighting design ideas is the hanging pendant. Not only does it create a focal point in the overall space, but it’s a great way to inject a hint of personality to your new kitchen design.

Hanging pendants work as ambient lighting, which means that it will be the main source of light. But whilst it serves the overall purpose of illuminating the entire space, pendant lighting can also draw attention to a specific feature. It works best when hanging over the kitchen worktop surfaces on an island.

The type of pendant you opt for will depend on the style of your new kitchen design. Clear glass pendants provide the touch of class you’ve been looking for. Perfect for situating above a dining table, glass pendants evoke a certain elegance and can be suited to match both a traditional and contemporary kitchen.

Alternatively, an industrial style hanging pendant will produce an edgy, urbanised vibe to any modern kitchen design. Match the dark brass or warm copper tones of the lights with other materials in the space, such as cabinet handles, for a unified look.

Why not have dimmer switch installed to vary the strength of the lighting? With this level of control, you’ll be able to create different atmospheres and a range of mood-settings. For example, use a duller glow for a sophisticated dinner party setting that’ll be sure to impress all of your guests.


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