15 Kitchen Storage Ideas that will Organise Your Space

You may have the most beautifully designed kitchen, but without practical storage features, your kitchen will be missing functionality. The kitchen is home to a multitude of items, from large oven dishes to tinned food, to cooking utensils. We’ve pulled together a list of the top storage solutions for a fully operational kitchen.


  1. Drawers

Gone are the days when we must strain to reach a plate at the back of a cupboard. With deep-set drawers, you can easily store and locate items. Maximise your space by using a two-tiered drawer system, allowing you to organise the smallest and largest of kitchen accessories. Deep wide pull-outs are great for pots and pans, whilst bespoke drawer inserts ensure cutlery and utensils are stored in the most efficient manner.


  1. Cupboards

It’d be hard to find any kitchen not using cupboards as storage. Cupboards are a simple, timeless storage solution available in a variety of styles from classic shaker to contemporary handleless. Install cupboards below the worktop, above worktops, in your island, and even around the fridge and use to store everything from pots, pans, and cutlery to glasses, plates, bowls, and jugs.


  1. Wine Rack

A built-in wine rack can seamlessly add sleek sophistication to any kitchen. Not only will it ensure that your wine is presented neatly, but it also gives you a chance to show off your collection. You can even consider a wine cooler if white wine is more to your taste. Whether it’s a chilled Sauvignon Blanc or a deep Merlot, you’ll be fully prepared for dinner party nights.


  1. Open Shelving

Shelving is a great way to display your favourite belongings and showcase your personality. Whether it’s your cookbook collection or a prized antique ornament, install open shelves and display your favourite items to add detail and charm to your kitchen.


  1. Corner Units

You may think that corners of the room will present awkward challenges when it comes to storage, but they can actually provide a fortune of hidden space. Opt for swing-out drawers such as “magic corners” that display the entire contents of the cupboard, so you can easily locate items.


  1. Hang From Hooks

Hanging kitchenware and utensils will free up essential cabinet and drawer space around your kitchen. Use hooks to hang everything from pots, pans, spoons, and mugs to cutting boards, tea towels, and cooking tools. This also keeps your countertop free for cooking and dining.


  1. Above Cupboards

Be sure to use every inch of your kitchen for storage. Don’t forget about areas up high and above cabinets as this is prime storage space. You can stash less-frequently used items such as special occasion dinnerware on the tops of cupboards. Hide items away in decorative baskets to keep things neat and tidy. Just be careful about placing heavy items up high as they can be harder to grab.


  1. Use the Island

A kitchen island can really make your kitchen’s design stand out. Whilst an island can provide an extra work surface for cooking, eating, and socialising, an island also offers additional storage space. Be sure to utilise this extra space by incorporating smart storage such as drawers, cabinets, shelving, and even a wine rack into your island to maximise functionality.


  1. Use the End of a Unit

Keep the end of a unit or peninsula countertop open and utilise this space for storage. Incorporate open shelving into a counter unit to showcase your favourite items such as books, vases, and art to add character.


  1. Glass Display Cabinet

Add a glass-fronted cabinet to break up solid walls of cabinetry and store decorative pieces. Use this storage solution to showcase stylish crockery, glasses, and dishes that will add interest and personality to your kitchen.


  1. Concealed Storage

Keep everything stored away and out of sight with concealed storage to keep surfaces free of clutter. This gives a streamlined look with clean lines that create an uninterrupted surface for a contemporary and minimal feel.


  1. On Worktops

You don’t have to keep everything stored away – if you haven’t got enough cabinet space or are running out of room elsewhere, why not store belongings out in the open on worktops. You can keep cookware on surfaces so that utensils are easier to grab when working or display decorative dishes and glassware on countertops to add interest and character.


  1. Jars & Containers

Keep it simple and use glass jars and containers to store dry foods such as nuts, cereal, and pasta. Maximise efficiency by labelling each canister clearly for easy identification.


  1. Pantry/Larder

A pantry or larder cupboard is a practical and stylish way to store spices, cereals, dry goods, and cooking essentials. They are an ideal storage solution because all your essentials are hidden away but with easy access whenever you need them. Make your pantry work for you and organise with baskets, jars, and shelving.


  1. Window Sill

It’s important to maximise every inch of available space when it comes to storage, especially for a small kitchen. If your cabinets and drawers are full to the brim, your window sill can offer some surprise storage space. Plants and herbs are a great choice for window sills as they need natural light. Or try hanging your pots and pans or turning the windowsill into a bookshelf.


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From cupboards, drawers, and shelving to pantries and hooks, use these storage ideas to organise your kitchen. For further advice on kitchen storage ideas or any aspect of designing and planning your kitchen, get in touch today for your free consultation, and one of our design experts can help you design your dream kitchen.


There are many ways to add more storage to your kitchen, such as installing shelving, adding hooks to walls and cabinets, adding hanging baskets, fitting more cabinets and drawers, utilising the tops of cabinets and fridges, and installing a magnetic knife rack.
There are a number of clever ways to organise your kitchen if you have no cabinets or drawers for storage. You could store tools on a pegboard, install shelves, hang mugs and utensils from hooks, use baskets, install a wall-mounted pot rack, and utilise your window sill.
You can maximise storage space in a small kitchen by hanging cooking essentials, adding shelving, storing on top of cabinets and fridges, installing a pegboard, adding another shelf inside cabinets, adding hooks to the side of cabinets, utilising the inside of cabinet doors, and hanging a pot rack.
The best place to store heavy kitchen items is in lower kitchen cabinets and bottom drawers. These heavier items, such as casserole dishes and large pots and pans, can be stacked together or lined up for easy access. Lighter items can then be stored in higher cabinets or on shelves.
A few of the best places to store your pots and pans in the kitchen are to hang them from rails on a wall or ceiling, stack them in a deep pan drawer, display them on an open shelf or worktop, or hide them away in a cabinet or corner unit.
Organise your kitchen according to how you use it and make sure everything you need is within arm’s reach. For example, store knives and chopping boards near the prep area and cooking utensils like spatulas and pans near the cooker. Appliances you use every day like the kettle can go on the worktop whilst less frequently used gadgets can be stored away.

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