Planning kitchen storage solutions

Planning kitchen storage solutions

You may have the most beautifully styled kitchen, but without practical storage features, your kitchen will be missing functionality. The kitchen is home to a multitude of items from large oven dishes, to tinned food, to cooking utensils and they all need a home. At Optiplan Kitchens, we’ve pulled together a list of the top storage solutions for a compact kitchen design.

  1. Delve into kitchen drawers

Whether it’s a bespoke cutlery drawer with an integrated knife block or a deep-set drawer to keep your crockery perfectly in place and within easy reach, practical drawers are the ultimate kitchen storage option. Suitable for a range of all kitchen designs and sizes, from contemporary to classic and from big to small, make deep set drawers your kitchen’s new best friend!

Corner kitchen cupboards

  1. Install 2-in-1 storage solutions

Does rummaging around at the back of a dark cupboard trying to locate clunky pots and pans sound familiar? Opt for easily accessible pull-out shelves to position in your corner kitchen cupboards, as these present a far more logical (and less stressful) solution. This mechanism also works perfectly for all of your recycling needs too. Simply place your recycling station on the swing-out shelf under the kitchen sink and this will eliminate the need for two separate bins that take up too much floor space. This would make your storage space easier and simpler to work with on a daily basis. For more inspiration on designing your space, check out top tips on planning a kitchen design.

Kitchen storage

  1. Durable dividers

Drawer dividers and cutlery trays transform chaotic kitchen drawers into things of beauty and efficiency. What could be more satisfying than finding the peeler right when you need it? Maintain that long term satisfaction by making the purchase of some reliable and hardware dividers. These are the ideal option for small kitchen designs too.

Kitchen pantry

  1. Consider a pantry

Also known as a ‘one stop shop’ – the pantry works as a single kitchen cupboard designed to store fresh produce alongside dried products, cookware, and small appliances and just about anything else you want to include! So, if you’re considering a pantry in your own kitchen, consider how you plan to use it as these contemporary and compact kitchen designs are proven to be a trendy hit.

If you’re looking to discuss all-things storage, click here to book a free design appointment with one our design experts.

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