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Explore our Classic or Contemporary kitchen styles in 12 beautiful ranges. And once you’ve selected a style you love, choose from over 115 paint finishes including solid wood grain, smooth painted, matt, and gloss. Then we make sure the installation process is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Our Classic Kitchens

Driven by traditional craftsmanship, our Classic collection invites you to create your very own timeless masterpiece. From solid wood grains to smooth painted doors, relive a bit of history and relish in Georgian beauty.


From £5,708

Our Dorchester range is where innovation meets traditional craftsmanship, merging classical country with elegant modernism. Attention to detail defines a Dorchester kitchen, and when it comes to finishing touches,  we know what matters most.


From £5,708

For those that prefer a contemporary twist on the classic Shaker style, the Gawsworth collection sticks to the principles of traditional design but with playful hints of modernism. Bold lines and thick cuts reinforce the strength and stability of the furniture.


From £6,564

A Cobham kitchen captures the true British rural spirit while offering style and practicality. Daylight will dance around warm tones and natural materials, such as our solid woods, to bring that essence of the outdoors under your roof.


From £6,564

The kitchen is the heart of every home, and that’s precisely why we love the welcoming arms of our Wickham collection. Let nature into your space with natural warm timbers, which work beautifully against tones of white and grey.


From £4,873

The Boston collection is the perfect economical solution that offers value with practical style. Functionality is at the heart of this collection. Vinyl-wrapped doors in a range of matt finishes mean this easy-to-maintain option is perfect for little sticky fingers or mucky paws alike.


From £4,776

Thought and precision have gone into refining a design that re-tells the story of the Shaker but in a modern voice. The muted palette will look simply stunning against rich paint colours and bold accessories; the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality.

Our Contemporary Kitchens

The clean lines of the matt and gloss finishes for our Contemporary range offer minimalist chic with integrated functionality. Whether you prefer bold statements or subtle highlights, transform your space into a modernist sanctuary.


From £4,406

Fresh, bright, and sleek, this range provides busy lives with a sanctuary to come home to. Its numerous finishes, available in smooth or grained, create a light, airy feel, perfect for entertaining or enjoying a quiet bit of solace.


From £6,564

The Stratford range is the perfect blank canvas for those who desire to incorporate their own personal mark. Take advantage of our painted wood doors, choosing from a large range of standard colours or matched to any RAL finish.


From £5,175

We know time is of the essence, and that’s why the high-gloss finishes available in this collection provide luxury design with low-maintenance. The Napoli range will effortlessly transform your space into an ultra-modern bliss.


From £5,175

Step into urban utopia in this ultra-stylish collection that fuses the latest trends with personality and elegance. Exaggerate your space using gloss finishes, or for a subtle effect, try our selection of super matt colours available in couture tones of grey.


From £5,353

Roma is simple but far from plain. Indulge in minimalist chic in a collection that will leave you charmed. Handleless doors add to this collection’s magic, keeping simplicity at the forefront of its design. Clean, sweeping lines and soft curves orchestrate a delight for the eye.


From £5,065

Find peace and tranquillity in this Asian-inspired haven whatever time of day. Inspired by natural wood grains, this range is the happy medium between modern intervention and traditional style. The simple yet stylish features of this collection will not disappoint.

Crafted By Hand

Creatively designed and carefully handcrafted, no two kitchens are the same. Each design is developed with care and attention and is sealed with our trust and commitment. From selecting the perfect wood grain, to hand-painting doors, our expertise is reflected in our attention to detail.

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Buying your next kitchen

We understand that a kitchen is a considered investment for any home, and that’s why we offer simple and personalised ways to buy, so that you can choose the right solution for you.