L-Shaped Kitchen Ideas

An L-shaped kitchen has countertops on two adjacent walls that meet in a perpendicular shape to form an L. The L-shape is a practical, flexible, and versatile layout that is ideal for kitchens of all styles and sizes. This blog post looks at 5 L-shaped kitchen ideas to inspire your kitchen design.


  1. Maximise storage

L-shaped kitchens are highly practical and offer plenty of storage solutions. This Newark kitchen maximises storage with cabinets low and high, including floor to ceiling tower units. Using the entire wall for storage ensures every inch of space is utilised and makes the L-shaped kitchen the ideal layout to store away clutter. Plus, the choice of shaker style units in a deep blue ensures the kitchen is not only practical, but stylish too.


  1. Add an island

One of the key benefits of an L-shaped layout is the option to add an island, which provides additional work surface and storage. This L-shaped Roma kitchen adds an island to transform the kitchen into a multifunctional space for socialising, dining, working, cooking, and entertaining. Sleek handleless units, integrated appliances, and dark shades create a sophisticated and luxurious look and turn the kitchen into an ultra-modern heart of the home.


  1. Optimise the work triangle

L-shaped kitchens provide the ideal layout for a practical working triangle. When designing an L-shaped kitchen, you need to consider the working triangle, which ensures the position of the oven, sink, and fridge are within easy reach of each other to make working in the kitchen easy. This Linea kitchen is the perfect example of a well-designed work triangle as the oven, hob, sink, and work surfaces are efficiently positioned to create a highly functional kitchen.


  1. Create a kitchen diner

Utilise the extra floor space that an L-shaped layout allows by creating a kitchen diner. The L-shape of the units and worktops fits neatly into the corner of the room, leaving the rest of the room open. In this Wickham kitchen, the openness of the L-shape allows space for a dining table to create an area in which the whole family can dine together. This layout, paired with grey shaker cabinetry and rustic wooden beams, creates a farmhouse kitchen with a country charm.


  1. Enhance a small space

An L-shaped layout is ideal for smaller kitchens as the layout creates an open floor space which gives the illusion of a bigger room. In this small Boston kitchen, the L-shape even leaves room for a compact yet practical island. The design then enhances the open style by using a lighter hue for cabinetry which reflects light and creates a spacious and airy feel. Bifold doors bring natural light and flow into the outside area which further makes the space feel bigger.


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An L-shaped kitchen layout has counters and units on two adjacent walls that meet in a perpendicular shape to form an L. The L-shaped layout is highly versatile and works well in all sizes and styles of kitchen.
One of the best ways to arrange an L-shaped kitchen is to install the fridge on one end of the L, the hob/oven in the middle, then the sink on the other side of the L, with workspace in between. This creates an efficient work triangle and maximises space.
An L-shaped kitchen is an ideal layout for adding an island to your space and is one of the key benefits of choosing an L-shaped design. An island is a freestanding counter unit separate from the L-shaped counters and can provide additional worktop, storage, and seating space.