Light Up Your Kitchen

Light up your kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of any home. It is a multi-functional space that can be used for cooking, dining, homework or entertaining friends, so the lighting must accommodate this. Creative and innovative lighting is a unique way of accentuating the style and mood of your kitchen design, be it playful, sophisticated, elegant or dramatic. Not only does it need to give a certain ambiance, but it needs to be practical. Here, we discuss three types of lighting which will take your kitchen to the next level.


Kitchen diner


Pendants are the most versatile lighting fixtures and this trend just keeps reinventing itself. You can choose from many materials: glass, brass, steel, rattan, even twigs! The variety shapes is also endless, from orbs, to boxes, to cylinders. A statement chandelier can really show your personality and flair and bring a room together.

Pendants can be used to define areas of the kitchen, for example, hung above a dining area or breakfast bar. You can choose as many as you want and the height you want them at, with varying heights adding impact. There are some models which even double-up as extractor fans. You can really have fun with pendants and make them your own.


LED Lighting

LED lighting, also known as plinth lighting, is a handy option for the kitchen as it is easy to install and has a beautiful effect. Again, its versatility means that you can do something that matches the style that you’re going for. One idea is situating it around an island, between the kitchen work surfaces and the units. This gives it a floating effect and makes the space look inviting.

Another way to use LEDs is placing them on the upper parameter of the room, creating the illusion of higher ceilings.  Many brands offer LEDs which can change colour and setting, allowing you to create the perfect background lighting to any occasion.



Cabinet Spotlights 

As well as a main light, you might want to consider individual lights around the kitchen to light up specific spaces. Focal spotlights can be installed under cabinets, to light up work surfaces when you’re preparing meals. Another practical use is automatic lights inside cupboards to give light to dark spaces.

Alternatively, opt for a more aesthetic use by placing them in glass cabinets to highlight beautiful items such as vases or crockery. As with LEDs, some under cabinet lighting has dimmer settings, allowing you to adjust the brightness to your taste.


If you want to discuss how you could achieve your dream kitchen, visit one of our Optiplan showrooms.
There are many lighting options for a kitchen. The best lights include strip lights, plinth lights, cabinet lights, pendant lights, recessed downlights, spotlights, and natural light.
To properly light up your kitchen, there are 3 types of lighting you need to use. Firstly, task lighting is practical lighting for carrying out tasks. Secondly, ambient lighting is general background lighting and the room’s main light source. Finally, accent lighting highlights design features and creates focal points.
Lights can be placed in multiple locations in a kitchen. Start with task lighting and place this in key working areas such as spotlights above worktops. For ambient lighting, place recessed downlights across the ceiling. For accent lighting, make a statement with a pendant light over a dining area.
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