New kitchen design ideas for 2019

New Kitchen Design Ideas for 2019

New Year, new kitchen? Why not kick off your 2019 with a kitchen remodel to give your home a refreshed and revitalised feel? Our first blog post of the year is packed full of kitchen renovation ideas, from classic country to cool contemporary, to give you a wealth of inspiration.

Country kitchen

A classic design allows you to create a timeless masterpiece. Using elements such as solid wood grains and smooth painted doors, you can create a space that is truly unique to your style.

To achieve a classic country kitchen, incorporate some authentic touches such as traditional solid wood cabinetry, brass handles and butt hinges. Or take the rustic theme further by accessorising with a Belfast sink or a stone floor.

Be inspired… Our Cobham kitchen collection truly captures the British rural spirit while offering style and practicality. Daylight will dance around warm tones and natural materials, such as the solid woods, to bring that essence of the outdoors in. The carefully handcrafted shaker doors give the furniture an authentic finish within this timeless design.

Contemporary kitchen

The clean lines of the matt and gloss finishes in a contemporary kitchen provide a minimalist chic with integrated functionality. Whether you prefer bold statements or subtle highlights, transform your space into an ultra-modern kitchen.

Simplicity is key when creating a contemporary kitchen, especially when it comes to the finer details such as urban handle-less trims on cupboard doors. Simple furniture allows you to play with further textures, such as stunning marble flooring or a granite stonework surface to create a contrast.

Be inspired… Our Napoli range will effortlessly transform your space into an ultra-modern bliss with its stylish cabinetry and steel bar handles providing a bold statement, giving this kitchen a grandiose presence.

If you would like to discuss your dream kitchen design with one of our experts, visit your nearest Optiplan Kitchens showroom, where our team will be happy to help:

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