5 Tips on Designing the Perfect Open Plan Kitchen

5 tips on designing the perfect open plan kitchen


If you’re looking for family kitchen ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Open plan kitchens bring the entire family together into a welcoming space, providing a sociable way for everyone to enjoy living, cooking and dining.

Here are our top tips to designing the perfect open plan kitchen.



1. Create a seamless transition

A seamless flow throughout any open plan space will create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The trick to nailing this is to not be afraid of using the same flooring throughout each zone as not only will this create the illusion of a larger space as visual breaks are eliminated, but you can even make a bold statement for your new kitchen design.


2. Carry colour throughout

Opt for a colour scheme which doesn’t necessarily adhere to a specific trend – this way your new kitchen design will truly stand the test of time. A soft grey matt finish is a good base to begin with, which you can then build upon with your favourite colours, textures and accessories, which will ultimately bring your personality into the space. To connect to other parts of the room, carry the same shades of colours throughout the kitchen and living areas.


3. Functionality is fundamental

Whilst the open-plan living area should look striking, the kitchen needs to be functional and ergonomic. If you have the space, add a kitchen island as this will enhance both the practical and social opportunities. Opt for a kitchen island with cooking appliances installed as this will allow you to face the rest of the room whilst preparing meals. If you’re not sold on installing a kitchen island, read our advice on whether you should pick a kitchen island or dining table.

When designing an efficient layout, try to incorporate the ‘working triangle’. The idea is to have a clear path between the cooker/oven, the fridge and the sink, so that they are easily accessible and not blocked by any obstacles. You want to be able to move freely and quickly between these appliances as this creates a more relaxed working space.



4. Clever cupboards

When it comes to storage, go for tall cabinets as these will not only accentuate the height of the room, but from a functional perspective, it will allow you to store rarely used items at the top, with commonly used items at eye level. If you know you have a lot of items to store, then consider integrating a pantry. Or if you are a minimalist, be bold with open shelving to creatively display ornaments. For more storage inspiration, check out our blog: www.optiplankitchens.co.uk/kitchen-storage-solutions/


5. Classic or contemporary

The beauty of an open-plan layout is that it accommodates both classic and modern kitchen finishes. Take our Wickham collection, it features stunning Georgian features, but when an island is added, the perfect balance of functionality and luxury is produced. For a more contemporary look, the Linea collection is fresh, bright and sleek, creating a light airy feel.


If you would like expert advice on how to plan an open-plan kitchen, why not book a free design consultation at your nearest Optiplan Kitchens showroom?


An open plan kitchen is a great idea. An open plan kitchen has fewer walls to combine a kitchen, dining, and living space and create one big area for cooking, dining, relaxing, socialising, and entertaining. Open plan kitchens increase light, maximise square footage, and improve traffic flow.
There are many ways to decorate an open plan kitchen. Try using different paint colours or textures to define distinct zones. Or you could use a cohesive scheme with print and accessories to create flow from one area to another and make the room feel more connected.
Open plan kitchens are very popular with home buyers right now and are one of the best ways to add value to your home. Open plan kitchen and living areas are desirable for house-hunters because they create a hub for eating, cooking, relaxing and entertaining.