“P’s Sir, Can I Have Some More?”

The Three P’s Which Brits have Missed this Year

As a kitchens manufacturer, we were curious to discover the holiday flavours that Brits have been missing due to the pandemic’s effect on travel abroad. We also wanted to find out whether people were planning to use their kitchens to recreate these favourites within the safety and comfort of their own homes.

We have polled the public and can reveal that local, freshly produced pasta, paella and pizza have been named as the top three dishes that the British public will be starved for this year, closely followed by native fish, curry, seafood and tapas.

With many British people unable to take foreign holidays this year, many are lamenting the lack of opportunity to delve into local culinary delights when on their travels. Our nationwide research showed that more than four fifths (88%) of those polled place some degree of importance on the opportunity to explore a particular country’s cuisine when planning a holiday abroad, with almost one third (31%) citing the promise of local food as a main driver.

Whilst a wealth of unusual and exotic dishes featured in the poll – from the likes of Australian barbecued kangaroo and Thai papaya salad, to Gambian domoda and poutine from Canada – it is not surprising that the most popular dishes originate from those countries which have long been firm holiday favourites for the British public. 81 countries were named as being the origin of the respondents’ favourite holiday food, with Spain, Italy, Greece, France and the USA making the top five.

It also emerged that three quarters of us (75%) are likely or extremely likely to try local dishes when holidaying in a foreign country, and almost two thirds (65%) have either tried or are planning to recreate these dishes at home, whether Greek Souvlaki, Wiener schnitzel or a Moroccan tagine. True enough, home pizza ovens have been a regular feature on social media across 2020, with the likes of Scottish pizza oven provider, Ooni, reporting record sales during lockdown.

Andy Briggs, our resident interior designer here at Optiplan Kitchens, said: “It’s clear from our research that local cuisine plays a very important role in people’s holidays abroad. Food is far more than just sustenance; it provides an opportunity to connect with our families and friends over a shared experience of aroma and taste; but there’s no need to miss out on our favourite holiday flavours altogether.

“Equally, we believe a kitchen can be far more than just a place to prepare food. Using the right kitchen design, it can be the hub of the home, where people connect and spend time with those closest to them. Those who are hungry for the flavours of their holidays abroad should try recreating these dishes at home, evoking happy holiday memories and making the most of this unique time we are all faced with.”

To help those who are struggling for inspiration on what dishes to attempt within the comfort of their own home, Optiplan Kitchens has partnered with NEFF UK (the kitchen appliance company behind the Slide&Hide® oven door as seen on the Great British Bake-Off), to create three simple recipes which provide a quirky twist on the nation’s top three holiday dishes:

1. Heavenly Paella
2. Not Your Usual Pizza
3. Black and White Spaghetti Vongole

Meanwhile, with many of us having enjoyed a staycation this year instead, local chippies will surely have experienced a boom. Leading the poll of the UK’s most preferred ‘holistay’ fare…is good old fish and chips.

For inspiration on how to evoke your favourite destinations within your home decor, take a look at our blog on emulating your holidays within your kitchen design. 

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