Savvy storage for those awkward items

Savvy storage for those awkward items

Over the years, many of us have built up a rather large collection of kitchen utensils, appliances, tableware – and not to mention the 20-plus mugs in the cupboard. However, when every inch of counter space is prime real estate and the cupboards are full of food, how do you arrange your kitchen so it doesn’t look like a jumble sale?

Here are our top tips on kitchen design to ensure you are maximising your space.

Make those cupboards work hard – If you are limited on cupboard space, make sure you are organising them in the most effective way. Internal cupboard organisers are a great investment. Not only do they make everything look neat and tidy, you can double your space. Ranging from spice racks, plate dividers to rotating shelves, you can really go to town. For added visual interest, why not add some open shelving in your kitchen and store your grains, cereals and pastas in attractive masonry jars for a chic finish.

Shelving isn’t just for walls – If you’ve got the space, consider adding in a kitchen island for  additional storage. Not only will the extra worktop be useful for prepping meals or the kids’ homework, but the island can be designed with additional cupboards and open shelving – great for all those cookbooks accumulated over the years.

Leave no space unused – Make use of all those unexpected small spaces by incorporating useful storage. If you have some wall space free, look to integrate a wine rack or a thin pull-out cupboard. They may seem like small additions, but they are great for keeping your work surfaces clear of any unnecessary clutter.

Pick a pantry – If you are blessed with space or are having a new kitchen, ask your kitchen designer about a pantry. Dating back to 1900s, a pantry has made a huge comeback and when designed right, they are perfect for hiding away all those small appliances that don’t have a home. Think about that blender or mixer that only gets used once a month – instead of taking up valuable cupboard space, keep them stored neatly away in a custom-built unit. 

If you would like more advice about kitchen design and how to maximise your space, why not book a design consultation with one of our experienced designers or visit your local showroom.

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