Top three tips to introducing smart tech to the kitchen

Top three tips to introducing smart tech to the kitchen              

With each passing day, the astounding technological progress taking place brings with it an array of gadgets that are now having a use in the latest kitchen designs. Having slowly integrated smart technology into the likes of watches and television sets – not to mention smartphones which have become an extension of human life – it is time for homeowners to get to grips with the future of smart technology.

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  1. “Hey, Google! Alexa…!”

Smart voice-operated assistants like Google Home or Amazon Echo have already become an integrated part of our routine, from playing atmospheric music in the lounge to performing an urgent Google search, so why not bring it to the kitchen as well?

Smart virtual assistants fit perfectly into the sleek contemporary looks in the latest kitchen designs’. Now you can ask Alexa to look up recipes and have her read them out loud to you, so there’s no more fiddling around with dough-covered fingers.

What’s more, voice assistants can now be connected to appliances such as kettles or frying pans, which brings us to tip number two…

  1. Consider investing in smart kitchen appliances

Who would have thought that the future would look like a piece of toast with an emoji printed on it? Or a fridge that is smart enough to let you know what is going stale inside and what needs to be thrown out, after providing you with a grocery list? Reputable manufacturers have joined the cyber hype and there’s now a huge range of options that it can be difficult to know where to start. From smartphone-controlled coffee makers or kettles to automated slow cookers that arguably put many people’s cooking skills to shame, it is the true digital revolution that can easily be named the key ingredient for a modern kitchen.

Check out the latest innovations from AEG for some ‘tech-spiration’:

  1. Light it up!

There’s no denying that aesthetics are an important part in home décor, especially in the kitchen. Whether you’re displaying a lovely setup of silver cutlery or impressive marble, chopping up fresh veggies for a quick salad or preparing a delicious coq au vin, the kitchen lighting design plays a crucial role in setting the mood and the overall presentation, by highlighting the lovely kitchen arrangements.  Undoubtedly, what you should incorporate into any contemporary or futuristic design are automated lighting systems.

Even though your smart light bulbs can’t solve a puzzle or answer pub quiz questions, they will do a great job at displaying decorative elements. Whether you opt for incandescent lights that keep the ambience warm or crisp halogen lights for when things get serious and the utensils come out, having the ability to control the settings of your light system through your smartphone is a major step ahead. The kitchen of the future doesn’t have light switches that leave you fumbling in the dark after a late night out; it is all in your pocket, at the touch of a screen.

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