Five ways to welcome spring into your home

Five ways to welcome spring into your home

For many of us it’s been a long winter stuck indoors, but with spring on the horizon, it’s the perfect opportunity for a quick refresh and to brighten up our decor. From accessories to crockery, here are five quick and easy ways to welcome spring into your new kitchen.


  1. Declutter the lockdown mess – Months spent homeschooling and working from home has meant that we’ve all accumulated more ‘stuff’ than usual. Pick a weekend and have a good clear out. Old toys, used craft sets, and even tired looking accessories, can be recycled or sold to make room for something new and inviting.
  1. Brighten up those accessories – Nothing injects warmth and happiness into a home more than a refreshing colour palette. Think pastel colours, floral candles and faux flora. You don’t need to go to the expense of re-decorating a room, but a few new scatter cushions and a new kitchen table centerpiece can make all the difference to a room. This year we’re loving faux eucalyptus leaves, not only are they affordable, but they are easy to arrange and can be paired with most decors.


  1. Set a fresh table – Staying in doesn’t have to mean eating in front of the TV on the same boring white plates every night. Inject some creativity into a modern kitchen with a dressed We love these Wave Striped Ceramic Bowls from Habitat, the pop of colour will liven up your table – especially when filled with brightly coloured citrus fruits.



  1. Tired towels – Hand and tea towels need to be replaced more frequently than other linens and should be part of any spring-cleaning ritual. They are often really inexpensive and can create a nice impact with minimal effort.
  1. Bring the garden in! – Bring the outdoors in by grabbing some freshly cut flowers from the garden and displaying them in little glass vases or even recycled jam jars – we love these from The Flower Studio. Place them on your windowsills, kitchen shelves or even on your bedside table and enjoy little pockets of outdoors around your home.


If you are thinking of updating your kitchen this spring, then call your local showroom or book a virtual design consultation with one of our experienced designers and see how easily it can be update your space.

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