The kitchen of the future

The kitchen of the future

2020 has been a year we are unlikely to forget for a while. A year where we have spent more time indoors with our family then we ever expected. With that, our homes have come under scrutiny and our desire to change and upgrade our most used rooms in the house has simmered away over the months.

The kitchen has seen a lot of traffic this year, having been used to cook more meals than before or to create a desk for home schooling; often whilst managing a full-time job. With that, our desire to tweak or even upgrade has never been stronger. But how do we make our kitchen future proof and a room that we enjoy living in?

Tech, tech and more tech
The more we are at home, the more we become dependent and influenced by modern tech appliances that aid our cooking. Home Connect Appliances have increased in popularity in 2020 and will continue to do so as they become more affordable and easier to access and control. Simple appliances such as smart coffee machines, microwaves and toasters are just a few little additions compared to big ticket items such as smart countertops that can charge your phone and laptop wirelessly.

However, it’s important to not get carried away and always pick appliances that suit your individual needs. If you love to bake, then it is important you buy the right oven, but if you are a busy family and want to control the appliances from your phone whilst you look after the kids, then investing in smart technology would be a sound investment.

Space to socialise
As we are spending more time at home cooking, we want our kitchen space designed to encourage sociability. We want to be able to prepare meals whilst life can continue around us. Everyone has heard the phrase open plan living, but ‘broken plan living’ is now truly coming to the fore. This increasingly popular style retains everything we love about open-plan, whilst at the same time zoning the space to allow for some privacy when required.

The key to getting this right is in the layout and our kitchen designers can help you achieve this. Remember though – always try and add a splash of personality in the zones as this will help visually separate the rooms whilst at the same time keeping them connected.

Sassy shelving
When it comes to kitchen design, we often immediately think of having kitchen cabinets on all available walls, especially above counter height. However, we are starting to see a shift towards open shelving. Rustic shelving with beautiful masonry jars and even baskets of rainbow-coloured fruit and veg can be styled in a creative way so they are not only useful but create an attractive feature too.

If you are not planning on a full kitchen remodel but want to make some subtle changes, be bold and replace some of your old cabinets with some eye-catching shelving – it’s the perfect excuse to display some of your more decorative crockery, glassware or perhaps an array of artisan gin bottles, whilst making a visible impact to your overall design. What’s more, you can keep this look refreshed by adding and moving items around on the shelf throughout the year.

If you would like more advice about kitchen design and how you can future proof your kitchen, book a design consultation at your nearest showroom.