The Perfect Kitchen Island Display

The Perfect Kitchen Island Display

A kitchen island is perfect for additional prepping, cooking, eating and storage space – but knowing how best to style the worktop can be a challenge. Often the focal point of a kitchen’s design, it’s important it remains free from clutter and any items on display are chosen carefully. Here are our top tips to consider when styling your own island.

  1. Use what you already have. Kitchen storage space is often at a premium so rather than bringing in additional items, seek out things which you already have in the kitchen. Dig out your prettiest items that only surface for that rare party or special occasion and use them to create an attractive display, freeing up space at the back of the cupboards for less visual items.


  1. Apply the magic rule of three. Important in the world of visual merchandising, the rule of three suggests items are more visually appealing when arranged in a trio. When it comes to display, less is often more and you do still want to have enough room for work and food prep. Exceeding three items can start to look overcrowded and eventually render the worktop unusable.


  1. Show off your cooking skills. If you have a love of baking, then why not invest in a stylish glass cake stand or artisan cloche to display your creations? You could include vintage plates and an antique tea pot if it fits your theme, or a contemporary coffee pot and mugs to complete the look. Not only lovely to look at, you will always have something ready to offer guests at a moment’s notice.


  1. Add a pop of colour. Often kitchens have quite a neutral colour palette, giving them longevity. Opting for a bright and colourful centerpiece can instantly lift the area. Choose a glass fruit bowl bursting with vivid green apples or a large vase, filled with brightly coloured blooms, to create drama and add that wow factor to the room.


  1. Get ready to serve. If you have seating at your island why not lay out the place settings ready for your guests? Layer up using charger plates and napkins to add colour, and candles to bring the theme together. Your best dining sets will then always be on display and it discourages clutter from other rooms gathering on open worktops.


  1. Look for similarities and group accordingly. When clustering items together, decide on a common theme – whether colour, shape or size – or select items which align with each other. For instance, assembling vases of a uniform colour in varying shapes, sizes and textures works well. Likewise, glass vessels of varying sizes can look impactful filled with brightly coloured fruit or rustic grains.


  1. Consider the seasons. Rather than buying in lots of seasonal items you then need to find storage for, invest in versatile pieces that can have elements added to emulate the vibes of a particular holiday. Think statement vases holding dried winter berries and eucalyptus during Christmastime – and the same vase working equally well with fresh springtime blooms or twigs, littered with miniature Easter decorations.


If you would like design advice about your kitchen space and how to incorporate an island that works for your requirements, why not call your local showroom or book a virtual design consultation with one of our experienced designers?

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