Top tips for cooking a delicious Christmas dinner

Top tips for cooking a delicious Christmas dinner

Christmas Day is just around the corner and with it comes the anticipation of having to cook an entire banquet for all the family. From planning and preparing in the kitchen to nailing the perfect timing, check out our top tips for delivering a delicious Christmas feast…

  1. Prepare as much as possible

Did you know that staples such as stuffing, cranberry sauce and bread sauce can all be made in advance and frozen, whilst the likes of red cabbage improves in flavour over time? In the run up to the big day, get some of the prep work out of the way nice and early, and your kitchen worktops will be all clear for when guests arrive.


  1. Embrace the latest technology

The oven takes centre stage at Christmas, holding the responsibility to successfully cook a delicious turkey and all the trimmings. The latest ovens on the market are made complete with a realm of high-tech features for stress-free cooking. Multi-function ovens allow you to cover all bases, whether it’s baking, roasting, grilling. You can even achieve gourmet-style with steam cooking or get total accuracy with temperature probes. Having complete control over your oven will ensure you’re feeling cool, calm and collected to produce restaurant-worthy servings.

  1. Don’t be afraid to delegate

Christmas dinner can be a huge challenge, so why not have some fun with it and share the simpler tasks out with members of the family? Whether it’s inviting the grandchildren to lay the dinner table or asking the distant relatives to peel some potatoes, a job shared is a job halved.


  1. Put on an almighty spread

Is it even Christmas dinner if you can see the table cloth under all the plates of food? Cook up extras of vegetables or pigs in blankets which can all be grazed on throughout the evening and into Boxing Day. Leftovers can be turned into bubble and squeak and a turkey sandwich will go down a treat with guests.

  1. Pull a cracker!

Once the hard work is over for another year, all that is left to do is sit back, relax and pull a cracker!

We want to wish you a very happy Christmas from us all at Optiplan Kitchens.

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