U-Shaped Kitchen Ideas

A u-shaped kitchen has three countertops and units connected in the shape of an open rectangle to form a U. The u-shape is a practical and versatile layout and works in all sizes and styles of kitchen. In this blog post, we look at 5 u-shaped kitchen ideas to inspire your kitchen design.


U-shaped kitchens are a great layout for incorporating an island into your design. In this kitchen that we designed for Mr & Mrs Harburn, an island provides extra workspace and seating with an efficient work triangle with the cooker and sink in close proximity. There are no wall cabinets to prevent the space from feeling too enclosed and white walls reflect light to make the space feel bright. Finally, natural textures of wood and brick add character and interest.


A u-shaped layout is ideal for a small kitchen as it can help maximise worktop and storage space. If you only have two walls like this Forbes kitchen, you can achieve a U-shape by making the third side a breakfast bar, allowing you to integrate a social area where an island or dining table wouldn’t fit. To further enhance the small space, this design uses a skylight to maximise light and make the room feel bigger.


Enhance a u-shaped layout by extending a work surface and using one side of the U as a peninsula. This Boston kitchen integrates a hob facing outwards on one side of the peninsula and bar stools on the other to unify work and social zones. This allows you to socialise with friends and family whilst cooking and transforms the kitchen into a room for entertaining. Use luxe materials like copper and marble for a show-stopping space in which to socialise and entertain.


U-shaped layouts are great for large, open-plan kitchens like this Dorchester kitchen. With all cabinets running along three adjoining walls, this maximises floor space and opens up the space for an island. The island then turns the kitchen into a family hub in which to cook, entertain, and work. Shaker cabinets create a country style with a warm and welcoming feel, whilst the island is painted green to add a pop of colour and create a central focal point.


One benefit of a u-shaped layout is that it offers plenty of storage. This Roma kitchen utilises storage with a wall of floor to ceiling cabinets. But, to prevent the kitchen from feeling too boxy, uses shelving to make the space feel more open. The kitchen uses the shelving to display kitchenware, cookbooks, and art which add personality. The design then uses handleless cabinetry and built-in appliances for a sleek and seamless look and a modern feel.


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A U-shaped kitchen layout has three countertops and units connected in the shape of an open rectangle to form a u-shape.
One key benefit of a u-shaped kitchen layout is that it creates an efficient work triangle with the hob, sink, and fridge on each side of the U-shape. This makes cooking, cleaning, and working easier as everything you need is in close proximity.
To design a U-shaped kitchen, first ensure you have an efficient work triangle with the hob, sink, and fridge within easy access. Go handleless for a sleek modern look or shaker for a classic country look. Finally, incorporate an island or peninsula as extra space for cooking and entertaining.
For a U-shaped layout that makes the most of your space, it’s best to place your refrigerator on one end of the ‘U’. This will make sure your fridge doesn’t break up your worktops and ensure the most efficient workflow.