Warming Kitchen Memories from Childhoods Past

Warming Kitchen Memories from Childhoods Past

 The kitchen is often termed the heart of the home; a place where members of a household congregate and prepare food. Over the years for each of us, the kitchen will have built up engrained memories, from shelling peas with a parent, to being bathed in the sink. Taking a trip down ‘Kitchen Memory Lane,’ our team at Optiplan Kitchens have shared a number of delightful recollections from their earlier days. How many of these are a memory for you? 

1.For larger family get-togethers, it would be a scramble to find enough chairs to seat everyone around the table. From the antique and squeaky, to the deluxe and cushioned – and perhaps even a box passing as a makeshift chair – seating from all over the house would be brought to squeeze around the kitchen table.

2.The kitchen witnesses generations of first experiences and in itself remains timeless as memories are retold. From moving up out of a high chair to graduating to grown-up cutlery, this room has accompanied us through our childhood development.

3. Solid counters, brass handles and chair spindles made great apparatus for aspiring dancers. And for young tappers too, freshly polished floorboards amplified the timbre of teeny tap shoes, whilst oven doors and patio windows provided the effect of large mirrors to check posture and dance moves.

4.  Being given a step or chair to stand at the sink and help with the washing up was always a treat. Soapy lemon aromas would fill the air as tiny white bubbles spilled onto the work surface, and water splashed onto the floor.

5. Exploring recipes from the family cookbook ignited adventure and imagination, with its nostalgic aroma clinging to butter-stained pages. Between the pages, one might find scribbled secrets and vintage recipes torn from old magazines.


6. A rainy day was always the perfect excuse to make a scrumptious batch of cakes or cookies. Wide eyes would be fixated on golden dollops beginning to bubble and grow on the oven tray, and licking the wooden spoon would leave smiles all around.

7. It may not have been the safest place to build a den but the kitchen always had so much to work with. A solid oak table reimagined as a stone castle, a treasured family blanket stretched across to block the light – complete with a big pile of cushions, perfect for a crash landing. Whether to hide from siblings or have a teddy bear’s picnic, the table den provided a world of adventure.

8. Making jam was always a messy business. Fingers and nails would be stained with blotches of pink and magenta. Freshly foraged berries were soft and delicate to handle, yet sharp and sour to taste. Glass jars patiently waited in line, while a thick red goo began to bubble over the pan.

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