What colour kitchens are in style?

Choosing the perfect colour scheme for your new kitchen comes with endless possibilities and it can be often one of the hardest decisions to make. Many of us want to follow the latest trends whilst ensuring that it’s going to stand the test of time and not date five years down the line. There are plenty of trendy kitchen colours to choose from but ensuring that the decor matches your kitchen paint colours can be tricky. Rest assured though as our kitchen colours for 2021 offer an extensive colour palette. From neutrals to warm rich tones, our new range offers a beautiful selection of kitchen colour combinations.

Here at Optiplan Kitchens, we always get asked what kitchen colours are in style, so to help you on your kitchen journey, here are our three hero schemes of the season which are due to be popular kitchen colours.

  1. Evening Claret– An uplifting and vibrant colour that is designed to make a statement and enhance your mood. Our Evening Claret red offers a warm rich tone to lift the kitchen out of the walls so that it creates a lasting impression on your guests. Be bold this year and pair it with contrasting kitchen cabinetry such as our Canvas Grey from our Mono Colour range to create the perfect kitchen colour combinations for a stylish, chic design.


  1. Olivine/Cactus Green– Nourishing and refreshing neutral greens are a growing colour trend. Having these modern kitchen colours in your home will not only make it stylish but help project positive encouragement towards health, offering a calm environment within the home. It helps alleviate anxiety and depression; bringing a sense of hope as we come out of lockdown and adapt back to normality. Why not pair our Olivine colour cabinetry with a statement floor to create a truly unique kitchen colour combination.


  1. Twilight/Blue Mist– Blue continues to be a huge trend for kitchen colours for walls and cabinet choices. This trendy kitchen colour offers a more sophisticated and dramatic colour choice. Blue pairs beautifully with brass features such as industrial taps with unusual handles and light marble work surfaces. Interesting features in the kitchen such as unusual shelving arrangements and unique artwork are a great way to draw the eye and compliment the space. Our carefully chosen range of matt finishes work beautifully against different textures of worktop. If blue is a bit of you, check out our new Indigo Blue finish complimented with Dove Grey to create a striking kitchen colour combination.


Once you’ve researched the best kitchen colours for your home, make an appointment with one of our design experts to talk through your kitchen style. If you are afraid of using bold colours because it may be too overpowering, then use it in small portions to highlight a key area. Also, it’s worth considering the size of your kitchen. A big kitchen interior can handle a much bolder pop of colour whilst softer, more gentler tones such as our Blush or Taupe Grey are more suited for smaller spaces. For further inspiration, check out our blog on how to add character to your kitchen design.

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